Whether you are planning family gatherings for the holidays or just want to get ready for the winter months, you want to get your fall yard cleanup done quickly so you can move on to other items on your to-do list.

8 Ways To Quickly Clean Up Your Fall Lawn – From Your Dallas Lawn Care Experts

Rake Your Leaves

Raking leaves is much easier if you work in small spots. Rake up an area, bag it up, and move on to the next section. Trying to rake the entire lawn at one time can be overwhelming. You can also make bagging your leaves easier by raking them onto a tarp and then using the tarp to pour them into the bags.

Aerate Your Soil

Grass roots need oxygen to grow well. Aerating your lawn will ensure that water is getting to the roots and that your roots can breathe. If you do not have this type of tool, you can rent one for a day or call the lawn care experts at Executive Lawn Care. Executive Lawn Care can aerate your lawn to stay healthy throughout winter.

Sharpen Your Gardening Tools

Sharpen all of your yard tools before using them. Having sharp mower blades, sharpened shovel or hoe, or other yard tools will make the work much easier. Sharpened tools will help you get through these chores much quicker and without all of the physical effort needed to use dull tools.

Get an Early Start on Your Lawn Care

Work in the morning to avoid the day’s direct heat. Even though temperatures are much cooler in the Fall, you can still overwork yourself being in the direct sunlight for too long. This will make you more tired and prolong the yard cleanup. If you do not do well working in the sun, consider calling a Dallas lawn care service like Executive Lawn Care to come and do the fall cleanup for your lawn.

Seed Your Lawn

Fall is the perfect time to seed your lawn. If you have bare spots in your lawn, you should rake the area really well and then apply grass seed. That will give the seeds time to germinate and start growing before the cold sets in. When you seed in Fall, you will have a beautiful lawn in Spring.

Work in a Fall Fertilization

Fall is the perfect time to fertilize your lawn. You will want to ensure that you evenly place the fertilizer over your lawn. Depending on your fertilizer, you will need to water your lawn just before or after you put down the fertilizer so it can be absorbed. This will help keep your lawn healthy throughout winter and lead to a beautiful lawn in Spring.

Remove Dead Plants From Your Flowerbeds

Clean out the flowerbeds and garden area. You want to remove any dead plants and freshen up these areas for Spring. This is the perfect time to plant Spring bulbs in your flowerbed. Removing dead plants or leaves from these areas is very important to prevent pests.

Continue Mowing Your Lawn

Cut your lawn. This may be the last cut for the season. Even if it is not, you want to give your lawn a good trim in order to best prepare it to fight off the brown stain of Snow Mold throughout the winter.

Sound Like A Lot Of Work? Executive Lawn Care can Help

If you have other things that you would much rather devote your day to instead of cleaning up the lawn, call Executive Lawn Care.

Lawn mowing services in Dallas provided by Executive Lawn Care can ensure that your lawn is properly cared for while freeing up your day to do other things. Contact us today to find out more about our premier lawn care services.



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