If you live in North Texas, you’ll likely have to deal with leaves littering your lawn during the fall season.

As a homeowner, you may get frustrated at the ongoing leaf raking and removal during the transitional season as part of fall lawn maintenance. You may ask yourself, what’s the point, or can I just leave them through the winter?

While there is always the option to lazy out and let leaves clutter your lawn, but doing so could leave bald lawn patches or poor lawn growth come spring!  If your goal is to keep the natural cycle of your lawn intact, you’re just going to have to bite the bullet and by raking or blowing leaves.  For the greenest lawn come spring, don’t leave your leaves behind!

Should I Rake Leaves or Leave Them?

Blowing or raking your leaves certainly isn’t anyone’s favorite thing to do on a weekend. You may consider simply skipping the leaf raking and allow them to decompose.

Some studies show that leaving a layer of fallen leaves can actually benefit your grass by serving as a type of compost. In colder months, animals like turtles, chipmunks, and insects sometimes use those leaf layers as a micro-ecosystem.

Alternative to Raking Leaves?

Another option other than raking fallen leaves is to use them as a natural mulch. Using a lawn mower to chop the leaves into small pieces will create a blanket on your lawn, and the nutrients and organic matter from the leaves benefit your lawn and the soil beneath.

The canopy of leaves canhelp prevent weeds arising in the spring. However, there is a science behind the mulching process that will require you to still make several passes over the leaves with a lawn mower, working to ensure the leaf volume is just right so that it doesn’t suffocate your lawn altogether.

Too thick a blanket of leaves could lead to poor grass growth in the spring, leaving bald patches throughout your lawn or completely stifling grass growth. At the end of the day, you really aren’t saving yourself much time and run the risk of damaging your lawn by not removing the leaves.

Traditional leaf removal is simply part of the fall lawn maintenance process. Sure, it isn’t exciting, but you’ll be a proud homeowner when the spring rolls in and you have a lush, green lawn.

Why Should You Rake Leaves

Raking or blowing your fall leaves and collecting them is the most standard practice, leaving your yard clear for potential snow. While raking your leaves isn’t an exciting task, it is part of the Dallas residential lawn care process to ensure your lawn is protected during the transitional winter season.

Letting leaves cover about 10-20% of your property may be okay, but more than that result in the balding and damage we mentioned above. Additionally, leaving the leaves on your lawn invites critters like mice and moles that can also cause damage in the spring.

Raking Leaves Boosts Curb Appeal

Many communities require a clear, clean lawn as part of their community standards. They do this for the same reason you likely clear your leaves even if it isn’t a requirement: because it looks nicer. Leaf removal is important for curb appeal, which as a homeowner, helps increase ownership pride and improve property value when it counts.

Removing your leaves is simply part of the yardwork process and will leave you feeling like the king or queen of your castle come spring when your lush green lawn is the envy of the neighborhood.

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