6 Tricks to Beating Back Spring Weeds

Mar 29, 2019 | Uncategorized

Spring has officially arrived in Frisco, Texas! The sun is out, the birds are chirping, and the weeds are inevitably growing in. While there is a lot to enjoy about spring, weeds in your yard’s landscaping aren’t one of them.

Don’t reach for the weed killer just yet. Take a chance on these six cool tricks that will help you get rid of your weeds in time for your next family cookout.


1.  Wait for the Rain

Any reputable lawn care professional can tell you that the best time to effectively take care of weeds is directly after a heavy rain. Whenever your soil is moist is the best time for you to properly pull your weeds. The roots of your weeds are the essential part of the plant that need to be removed from the soil. So, after some rain or your next watering session, take a few minutes to get down in the dirt and purify your landscaping.

2.  Avoid Disturbing Your Soil

Don’t dig or till your soil unless you need to. When the soil is dug up, buried weed seeds become exposed to sunlight and suddenly, you have another infestation on your hands. This type of problem is prevalent with pet owners whose pets tend to use the lawn as a digging ground.

3.  Mulch the Soil of Your Beds

Leaving your soil bare is an open invitation for weeds. Cover up your soil with a protective blanket of mulch. A hefty blanket of 4 inches of natural mulch (grass clippings, mulched leaves) will help keep your yard healthy while also shielding it away from invasive parasites like weeds.

4.  Till the Soil Before You Plant

If you are planting new additions to your landscaping and tilling is a necessity, till a few weeks earlier than when you plan on planting. This is essentially a combination of two of our former tips. When you till the earth, exposed weed seeds will start to sprout. Once you’ve waited a few weeks, drench the area in water and pull out the weeds by the roots, leaving a clean canvas of soil for your new plants.

5.  Apply Plant Food Carefully

Fertilization is excellent for your garden, but can also encourage the growth of weeds. If you spread fertilizer around freely, whatever it touches will be impacted and will eventually grow. Take some caution when applying plant feeder and place it around the plants that you want to thrive.

6.  Wash the Weeds Out with Soap

Get ready to say goodbye to weeds and toxic weed killers for good. Mixing 1 gallon of vinegar, 1 cup of salt and 1 tablespoon of dish soap in a spray bottle is an environmentally safe way to kill your weeds. The acetic acid and salt in these materials smother and dry out the weeds, eventually ridding your lawn of their presence for the season.


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