The winter season can really bring a frosty beating to your lawn. So much so that it either goes dormant for the season or dies from poor maintenance and poor weather.

How can you tell if your lawn is dormant or dead? Fortunately, it’s simple. Dead blades are brown and gray, while dormant grass is either green, yellow, or even purple. While dead grass will require reseeding to bring back the green to your lawn, dormant blades can easily be awakened with the right landscaping touch.

Here are 5 of the most common ways to wake up your dormant lawn for the spring season.

Fertilize Your Lawn

You should never fertilize your lawn during the dormant season for your grass. After all, the grass never stops soaking in nitrogen, and too much of it can leave your lawn susceptible to the disease while it’s dormant.

However, as the sun starts to show, give your lawn a healthy dose of fertilization with a nitrogen-based fertilizer. The fertilizer, combined with the other steps in our revitalizing tips.

Reduce Foot Traffic

While you are trying to get your lawn back in shape, this is the time to reduce foot traffic and allow it to completely reawaken. Not only can excess traffic physically damage your dormant grass, but the pressure could easily dehydrate the blades and prevent them from receiving the nutrients they’ll need for warmer weather.

Aerate Your Lawn

This process requires some dedication and could really be perfected with the help of a Dallas lawn care expert. Aerating dormant grass with a garden fork can help create space in the body of your lawn for it to absorb the nutrients it needs. Aeration holes allow oxygen to make its way to the roots of your lawn and lead to rapid regrowth and disease prevention.

Water Your Lawn Regularly

Although you should have watered your lawn throughout the winter season, now is the time to truly become vigilant with your watering efforts. As you’re trying to wake up your lawn, take some time every morning before the sun comes out to the water. During the time between dormancy and vibrancy, your lawn should receive at least 1 to 1.5 inches per week.

Remove Weeds

Weeds can quickly spread throughout a lawn and suck up the nutrients grass needs to revive itself in the spring. While your lawn is still dormant, take the time to completely remove any weeds. Doing this will give your lawn the boost it needs to soak up all the nutrients you have given it through fertilization and watering.

Revive Your Dormant Lawn Faster, With Executive Lawn Care

We’ve arrived at the heart of spring, and if you’re still dealing with a dormant or dead lawn, it’s time to reach out to the professionals. At Executive Lawn Care, we provide expert residential lawn care and landscaping services to keep your lawn beautiful and green all year round.

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