Springtime in Texas brings unexpected storms that can range in severity. From a light drizzle to a full-blown tornado striking, this season always comes with the risk of a ruined landscape.

If a recent storm hit your property and you’ve realized you’ll have to make some serious repairs to your lawn and landscaping, here are some of our top tips for getting past the devastation of a storm, faster.

Rake Away Storm Debris

Storms can bring about debris like leaves and fallen tree branches. When debris lands on your lawn, it essentially traps in the moisture from the storm and could end up suffocating parts of your landscape.

Rake away the smaller debris and remove smaller tree branches where possible. If your lawn has been affected by larger branches or actually fallen trees, you will have to reach out to a tree specialist that can safely remove larger debris from your home.

Once the debris is off of your lawn, it will have the room to let the sun soak up excess water and allow your grass to bask in the sunlight it needs to naturally recover and grow.

Fertilize Your Lawn

It’s possible that a strong storm swept through and took the vital nutrients your lawn needs with it as it left. After the storm has passed and your lawn has had a couple of days to dry out (but still remain a little moist), we suggest applying the appropriate fertilizer to your lawn.

A lawn that is just moist and not drenched will allow for nutrients to quickly soak into the soil and begin to redistribute nutrients your grass needs to stay strong during the spring and summer seasons.

Remove Mulch and Aerate

Mulch can prevent your soil from effectively drying out after a major storm and lead to root rot that destroys flower beds, grass, and shrubs you want to thrive during the spring. Once you’ve removed any mulch you may have from an area, let the soil dry out and then promptly aerate it.

This will allow much-needed oxygen back to your plant’s roots so they can survive. When it comes to replacing mulch after aeration, we suggest consulting with a lawn care expert that can properly assess the damage and help you make the best decisions regarding your plants.

Get Connected with a Local Lawn Care Expert

Finally, the devastation after a storm may be too much effort for you to dedicate to your landscape’s recovery. In these instances, it’s always best to reach out to a Dallas lawn care expert that can help you take recovery step by step and eventually rehabilitate your lawn back to perfection.

Revive Your Landscape Today, With Executive Lawn Care

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Our lawn care professionals can help you perform mulch removals, aeration, fertilization, lawn mowing, bed maintenance, and more.

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