You may be ready to throw open your doors to family and friends this holiday season, but is your lawn ready to show off to your loved ones?

Fall lawn maintenance is an important and often overlooked piece of the lawn care puzzle. However, with the help of the lawn care experts, you can ensure that your landscape serves as the perfect introduction to the perfect holiday season.

Here are 5 of our best tips for enhancing your lawn’s curb appeal through Thanksgiving and beyond!

Plant a New Landscape

Although most flower beds you plant in the fall won’t fully bloom until the spring, even a hint of what’s to come will get your guests buzzing. Flowers, shrubs, and trees that you plant in the fall are susceptible to rapid root growth that helps them hold on until they can fully bloom until spring.

If you want to plant some flowers that give off an instant “fall vibe” while you wait for your spring curb appeal to bloom, we suggest planting some potted mums and pansies.

Fertilize to Winterize

While you get caught up in the hustle and bustle of prepping for a Thanksgiving feast, it’s easy to forget that your lawn needs to be physically prepared to face the oncoming winter. Now is the perfect time to fertilize and mulch your lawn before colder weather sets in. 

When selecting the right fertilizer for your lawn, make sure to work with a nitrogen-only fertilizer that offers the essential nutrients your grass needs to survive during the winter. If you have any questions about the best fertilizer for the type of lawn you have, reach out to a lawn care specialist that can help you make the most educated decision for your lawn’s long-term care.

Keep Your Yard as Clean as Possible

If you have a home that’s surrounded by lush trees year-round, you already know that by Thanksgiving, there is some heavy raking to be done.

While fallen leaves can be a beautiful sign of autumn, they not only look messy en masse, but also suffocate your lawn, and could create damaged patches that are difficult to repair by spring.

Make the most of your free time leading up to the holidays and rake your leaves as often as possible. Accumulation can be quick, and you don’t want your lush lawn to have a welcome mat of dead leaves as your guests arrive.

Make Your Fall Decorations Simple

Thankfully, for your lawn, Thanksgiving falls in between the two “big lawn decoration” holidays. If you use large blow-up decorations during Halloween and Christmas, now is the time to let your lawn breathe easy and keep the decorations simple.

Natural decorations like hay bales, pumpkins, or a colorful wreath on your door are subtle yet effective ways to get the exterior of your home in the Thanksgiving holiday spirit.

Always Continue Watering and Mowing Your Lawn

Finally, general lawn maintenance is something you should always keep up with, regardless of the season. Lawn mowing and regular watering are essential for your lawn’s annual health.

Your lawn maintenance expert can help you create a healthy mowing and watering schedule that ensures your landscape stays beautiful during and after the holiday season.

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