Summer is almost here and many Texans are eager to get out and create the lawn of their dreams in order to boost their property’s curb appeal. One of the biggest factors of freshening up a lawn is fertilization.

However, properly fertilizing a lawn is so much more than just spreading a mixture across your acreage. Whether you are planning on fertilizing your lawn yourself or hiring a lawn maintenance company, there are some pretty specific do’s and don’ts homeowners should follow for the right results.

Here’s a closer look at some of our top fertilization tips you should follow while testing out your Green Thumb.

Do Make Sure You Have the Right Grass

Make sure you know if your lawn is a cool-season or warm-season lawn. This knowledge is essential because it ultimately determines the success of your lawn fertilization efforts.

Cool-season grasses like fescue don’t respond well to or need a rich fertilizer. Not only are they able to sustain their health throughout the summer without fertilization, but a chemical-rich fertilizer during the summer could result in unnecessary stress and damaging burns to your lawn.

If you have a warm-season grass like Bermuda, the early summer is the perfect time to spread your fertilizer and prepare your lawn for its annual glow up during the summer. Combined with the correct lawn mowing techniques and watering habits, you can quickly have the nicest lawn on the block.

Avoid Fast Release Fertilizers

Fast-release chemical fertilizers may seem like a great idea, but the truth is, they could be damaging to your lawn in the long-run. Yes, a fast-release means that your lawn will become greener, faster, but these products are extremely tough on your grass. A novice gardener can easily spread too much fertilizer and leave the lawn to burn throughout the summer as the chemicals and heat from the area combine.

Don’t Ignore Instructions

You want your fertilizer to be properly distributed amongst your lawn. Failure to do so will result in patchy greens that are simply an eyesore. Take the time to read the instructions of your fertilizer before spreading. Remember, your lawn is a living organism that requires the right amount of TLC to thrive. Follow instructions with care!

Do Seek Professional Lawn Care Help

As you can see, fertilization is actually a fairly precise science if you want your fertilizer to work with your lawn and not against it. If you’re new to lawn maintenance, feel free to ask about your landscaping from a lawn care professional.

We understand how different grasses work, and which fertilizers are the best option for these grass types. Trust us to answer your important questions and point you in the right direction before you go out and spend money on a fertilizer that may not work.

Fertilize Like the Best With Executive Lawn Care

At Executive Lawn Care, we understand the importance of making your lawn look and feel its best. However, we also know that excellent maintenance takes a lot of time and effort that you could be putting into other summer events.

Let our team of lawn care professionals take over the dirty work of fertilization for you through our residential services. If you want your lawn to look its best this summer, contact us today to get on our schedule.

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