During the holiday season you don’t often think of your lawn. Afterall, you have cooking, shopping, wrapping and parties to think about. But it’s a good idea to put a little thought and effort into your lawn to protect it from the holiday rush, the rush of visitors, outdoor decorations and weather changes.

First of all, even during the fall and winter months, you want to keep your lawn cleaned up, free of fallen branches and leaves. Some of those windy days can leave a mess on your lawn.

Winterize Your Lawn for Maximum Health

Second, be sure your lawn is winterized to keep it healthy. Before any freezing temperatures, snow or ice, do a good winterizing fertilizer treatment.

If you didn’t do a shorter last mow of the autumn, get that mower out and give it a good cut for the winter months. A quick raking after the mow will rough up any matted grass and improve circulation around your lawn.

Follow a Decoration Check-List

The primary concern for your lawn during the holidays is damage from seasonal displays and foot traffic. There are some things you can do to minimize any distress to your lawn by careful planning and placement.

Check Your Cords and Strings

As you decorate, make sure any cords or strings of lights are not frayed. Also check that all are rated for outdoor use. Any extension cords should be rated for outdoor use as well. This avoids fire hazards around dried out grass and shrubs. Avoid using real candles.

Time Your Lights

Put lights and lighted displays on a timer. This will keep you from walking back and forth over your lawn, in a path, when the grass may be frosted or damp.

Rotate Heavier Displays

If you have any heavy holiday displays, don’t leave them in the same place for long. Rotation is a good idea, with two-week intervals being a good rule-of-thumb.

This will avoid any damage to the grass beneath the display. Blow up displays are a better idea, and on a timer is best.

Don’t Forget to Decorate Your Sidewalk for Direction

While you are decorating your lawn for the festivities, create a beautiful walkway along the sidewalk to your front door. This will be welcoming to guests and will invite them to walk on the sidewalk instead of the grass.

Heavy foot traffic, particularly in a path, will do the most harm to dormant, wet lawns.

Keep Pets Clear of Danger Zones

If you have a dog who is outside regularly, that pet can do some damage as well. Water down any spots where they urinate, diluting those spots can stop any damage. Some pet owners have a mulched or rock area they train the animal to use.

For pathways, you can install stone walkway in their route or plan on planting new grass in that area every spring.

Keep Your Lawn Merry and Bright with Executive Lawn Care

The holidays are a wonderful time to welcome family and friends into our homes. Keep your lawn healthy and attractive during the winter months by planning ahead of your arriving guests. Keeping your lawn neat during this time will keep you from doing repair work in the spring.

Let the lawn care professionals of Executive Lawn Care help you meet your lawn care goals. Contact us today to get your lawn on our schedule.

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