Summer is headed out and fall is beginning to settle in with cooler weather. What does this mean for your lawn, though? Every season presents a new challenge for local gardeners and homeowners when it comes to keeping their plants and lawn looking fresh.

Proactivity is always the best thing any homeowner can do. So, here are some simple pre-fall tips that will help you keep your lawn in pristine condition until winter eventually arrives.

Don’t Stop Mowing the Lawn

Even though the heat is leaving, your lawn will continue to grow until winter. Lawn mowing professionals say that you should never stop mowing your lawn until the winter frosts it over.

During your fall mowing season, you’ll want to drop down your blades and cut your lawn one to two inches shorter than you have been over the summer.

Get Your Fertilizer Ready for Early Fall

Fall is generally the best season to fertilize your lawn. Keep in mind, you want to have this done as early in the fall as possible. So, take the time to meet with your lawn care expert and discuss the type of fertilizer your lawn needs to thrive throughout the remainder of the year.

We recommend using a nitrogen-rich fertilizer. This type of fertilizer allows you lawn to continue to thrive off of necessary nutrients over the winter and bring back a lush, green lawn when spring arrives.

Discuss Aeration With Your Lawn Care Expert

During the summer, your soil may have dried out and become compacted within your lawn. Soil compaction combined with heat stress leads to burned and brown areas of your lawn. Now is the time to schedule aeration for your lawn.

During the aeration process, your lawn care provider will remove soil plugs from your lawn and create access for nutrients to reach the roots of your lawn.

Seed Where Necessary

During the summer your lawn may have developed brown patches and died in certain areas. Talk with your lawn care professional and find out what type of seed your lawn requires to get it back in top shape after fall passes.

However, we recommend seeding after your lawn has been aerated and the soil loosened up. If your seeds are unable to germinate the soil, reseeding will have no impact on your lawn.

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