Summer is here and it’s time to truly appreciate the natural beauty of your lawn. However, the fun can quickly become spoiled when you start to notice jagged patches of annual or seasonal weeds popping up throughout your greenery.

On the surface, some weeds can actually blend in with your lawn and go unnoticed as they quickly begin to overtake your healthy greenery. There are a lot of weeds that have the ability to camouflage themselves, and sometimes it takes a professional to recognize a weed infestation in a yard.

Let us help you take your first steps into recognizing weed from seed. Here are some of the most common weeds your lawn falls victim to that can easily go unnoticed.

Slender Fumewort

We’ve all seen this annual weed sprout up in our yards masquerading as a yellow flower shrub. These weeds grow low to the ground and can quickly overwhelm any other natural grass in its way.

Take note of these weeds through their signature pale, yellow petals that sprout sporadically throughout this garden menace.

Texas Dandelion

Another weed that starts out looking cute but quickly grows into a beast is the Texas Dandelion. This is an annual weed that can sprout up in your yard any time, anywhere! Detecting a Texas Dandelion is quite simple. Look for the deeply lobed leaves, thin stem, and solitary yellow flowers at its tip.


You can easily spot Bahia Grass amongst your natural lawn through its V-shaped tips. This perennial herb is one that can easily mask itself at the beginning of its growth. However, once left ignored, the Bahia Grass will quickly sprout to an unsightly length and continue to spread throughout your yard.

Should you try to pull Bahia Grass out manually, be wary of the spikelets that protrude throughout this weed.


The Dollarweed is a perennial weed that could easily come across as the cousin to a coveted clover. These weeds tend to sprout near bodies of water or damp surfaces and thrive in the warmer weather.

One of the easiest ways to spot the Dollarweed is by its appearance. Its leaves are bright green and fleshy, and there will be a white spot in the center of each leaf. While these aren’t a huge eyesore, they are still a weed that will eat away at the integrity of your lawn. Get them out before the summer really heats up!

Clear Out Your Lawn the Professional way With Executive Lawn Care

If you now realize that you have a weed problem, it’s not too late to resolve it and continue enjoying your summer lawn. While we don’t recommend using herbicides on your grass to kill weeds, the team at Executive Lawn Care is prepared to help you out. From using the right mowing techniques to offering natural ways of clearing out weeds, we have the experience your lawn needs to remain healthy this summer.

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