Weed Control for a Healthy Spring Lawn

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You’ve spent the time throughout the year and toiled to make your lawn the best it can be. Spring is finally here and now is the season for showing off your healthy, green lawn. However, the luster can be tarnished when you notice that among the green grass is an infection of weeds.

Fear not, with the help of weed control services from your local lawn care provider and some of these trusty tips, your lawn will be weed-free just in time for the next family cook-out.

1. Mow the Lawn Appropriately to Start Weed Control

When you want to keep your lawn healthy and weed-free, make sure that your lawn mowing service is doing its job. Make sure that the lawn is not being mowed too short. Optimal height on a lawn this time of the year is 2 ½ to 3 inches tall. Taller grass provides shade, which in turn, prevents weed seeds from taking root on your lawn and spreading.

2. Make Sure You are Growing the Right Grass

Not only do you want to plant new grass seed in spots that are barren, but you want to ensure that you are planting the right seeds for your environment. Different types of grasses grow in different areas, so you will want to know whether or not your lawn is meant to hold up. Talk with your lawn care provider to make sure that your grass is on track to thrive.

3. Fertilize Your Lawn

Lawn fertilization is key to a healthy lawn. We recommend performing a soil test so that you know what type of fertilizer will work best on your grass. In order to avoid over-fertilization, schedule a professional to fertilize the lawn for you. They will be able to quickly determine what you need and in what quantities.

4. Handle Your Current Weeds

If you are seeing weeds on your lawn, please, for the love of your grass, take care of them. Spend a weekend pulling out weeds, but make sure that you do this properly. We suggest pulling from the bottom and then up. This helps ensure that you are getting the roots and further preventing the pulled weed from germinating.

5. Use Your Herbicides Correctly

If you need to resort to herbicide usage to handle your weed problem, once again, do the research. When you are selecting an herbicide for your lawn these are the things you need to know:

  • What type of lawn you have,
  • What stage of weed growth that the herbicide combats,
  • How the herbicide will impact your grass.

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