It’s summer, and time to think about hiring a residential lawn care team to keep your landscape green throughout the Texas heat. Don’t just hire the first teen that knocks on your door. Make sure your lawn is in great hands this season and every season after. Learn how to read the signs that your lawn care provider is the professional they need to be.

Your Contract is Upfront

Aside from being upfront about service fees and scheduling in the contract, your lawn care maintenance team should be open to change. Your life is liable to change at any moment. You could have to make a sudden move or maybe your lawn needs just don’t require constant maintenance anymore.

Don’t sign up with a provider who will lock you in and surprise you with outstanding exit fees if their services are no longer needed. Make sure before you sign the contract, they are upfront with the fine print the average customer may miss.

Their Lawn Treatment Goes Above and Beyond

When you hire a landscape service, you don’t want someone who just mows your lawn. A professional lawn care provider not only knows how to properly maintain your lawn’s health but also keeps the rest of your curb appeal booming.

Treatment that goes above and beyond mowing includes:

A Great Lawn Care Provider Offers Year-Round Services

You want your yard to look great year-round. Before you sign a contract, ask your potential team if they provide services in the offseason. Your grass and flower beds require maintenance all year. This is especially true if you have planted annual flowers that need constant care to survive throughout the year.

Well-Maintained Equipment

Before you say “yes,” take a look at their equipment. Are the blades of their clippers sharp? Does their lawn mower look well-cared for? Any professional will make every effort to ensure their equipment is always up for a perfect job. If you notice their tools are run down and dingy, this is a sign that they may not care. Don’t put your lawn in the care of someone who might do the job well. You’re paying for the services, so always expect the best.

Their Team is Licensed and Insured

Even in the world of professional lawn care, things can go wrong. Sprinkler heads can be knocked over, or even worse, a team member could be injured on the job. This could be a costly accident for your household if your provider isn’t licensed or insured.

While it isn’t a requirement to be licensed in our industry, it’s a sure sign that the person you’re hiring is dedicated to their craft and isn’t out to get you for liability if a problem arises.

Put Your Lawn in the Professional Hands of Executive Lawn Care

At Executive Lawn Care, keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful is our life’s work. We are prepared to go the distance with your landscape no matter the time of year. Contact us today to get scheduled with a reliable lawn care provider that puts your home first!

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