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Excellent growing conditions around your home or commercial building can lead to beautiful plants and bountiful growth. However, there are quite a few minor errors that you can make that may add up to a lack of healthy growth and a missed opportunity for a beautiful spring and summer growing season.

Here are a few flower bed maintenance mistakes you might make this spring.

You Forgot to Check the pH Levels of Your Flower Beds

The pH level of your soil is an essential factor in the growing season when the occasional heavy rain can leech the nutrients from the earth and lead to weak spring growth.

An article from Natural Living Ideas recommends testing your soil’s pH level.

“It pays to check the soil for pH level and mineral profile every growing season and make necessary amendments a few weeks before planting time. Then test again to make sure things are perfect for the plants that are getting ready to go in.”

Merely turning the soil over and raking through it can help make sure the soil is loose enough for the roots of your new plants to penetrate the soil without facing the difficulty of hard dirt. Even if you don’t add fertilizer, manure, or compost to the mix, it’s still important to make sure the soil isn’t compacted and dense.

You Water Too Frequently or Too Infrequently

Tiny, new plants often require some extra attention from your watering can, but it’s usually not necessary to water plants every day unless it’s the middle of August and 100 degrees outside.

Tip: Pay attention to the forecast and time your watering sessions with natural rainfall. If the meteorologist tells you that tomorrow will bring light rain, you might be able to hold off watering your plants for a day. You may also decide to water them for just a brief few seconds rather than the traditional amount of water you spray on them.

You Shower Your Plants With Water

Plants take in water through their root systems, and spraying a dusting of water on the tops of the plants won’t always lead to an appropriate amount of water settling on the ground, where it can seep into the soil and help the plants drink.

Hold your watering hose at the base of each plant, so you can make sure to maximize the amount of water each plant gets to drink.

Additionally, try to water your plants early in the morning or in the twilight hours to reduce the amount of evaporation that may occur and to avoid accidentally turning one of your plant’s leaves into a magnifying glass with water droplets hit by the midday sun.

Remember: Avoid watering your flower beds with a sprinkler and choose a hose or watering can instead that you can point toward the roots of your plants.

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