Lawn care is a year-round effort, but certain seasons require some extra attention. The summer heat can easily sear some unwanted damage into your home’s curb appeal. From dried patches to determining how often to perform routine lawn mowing, your lawn’s needs at this time of the year are quite numerous.

Here are a few ways that you can keep your lawn looking green and refreshed, even when the sun decides to push the temperatures up into the triple digits.

Get Rid of Your Grubs

One of the most common lawn issues is the problem of grubs. These pesky bugs like to eat at your grass’ roots and are the main culprits of unattractive brown patches in your landscaping. Summer is when grubs hatch and begin feeding, so it’s recommended to seek a lawn care professional to help with a late summer treatment to kill them off.

Mow Often, Mow High for Optimal Lawn Care

The months between April and October are considered summer time for your lawn. This means that your lawn mower should be prepared to work overtime. The hotter season means you should mow your lawn once every couple of weeks, and could even find yourself mowing twice a week.

Our tip is to mow your lawn high to prevent diseases and promote better roots. However, mowing your lawn high and letting it grow out of control are two different situations. Leaving your lawn to grow excessively high is not a healthy lawn practice and should always be avoided.

Don’t Drench Your Lawn in Water

The summer may be hot, but drowning your lawn in water on a regular basis is not only wasteful but doesn’t really benefit your lawn in general. So what should your summer watering schedule look like?

We recommend keeping watering each corner of your yard for around 15-minutes a piece. This should equal about one and a half inches of water each week. However, the amount of water that your lawn may need depends entirely on:

  • The type of grass
  • The amount of shade in the area
  • Your soil

Avoid Summer Fertilization

Yes, fertilizing your lawn in the summer will produce results; albeit not lasting ones. Boosting the growth of your lawn will actually burn your lawn and cause substantial damage. The lawn growth that does occur will be generally weak and unable to withstand the searing heat that summer brings to our environment.

Keep Your Lawn Lush This Summer with Executive Lawn Care

Caring for your lawn during the summer isn’t complex but it does require a lot of time and dedication. With the kids out of school, preserve some family time this season and schedule residential lawn maintenance from Executive Lawn Care to take care of your yard. Contact us today to find out more about our services in your area.


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