3 Types of Fertilizer That Are Great for Your Lawn and Garden

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The root of a great looking lawn or lush and lavish garden is that of an excellent lawn fertilizer. While many people may think that fertilizer is just specialized dirt or a way of making use of animal excrement, there is so much more behind the science of fertilization than meets the eye. Here are some basic fertilizer facts and the top three fertilizers that are going to give you the best lawn in the coming spring when you utilize our lawn fertilization services.

First, Know the Basics

Although we are talking about different types of fertilizers, there are really only three nutrients that anyone needs to know: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Your local lawn care provider knows that every fertilizer has at least one of these nutrients and how they have an impact on your plants and lawn.

When you are ready to fertilize your lawn, consult with your lawn mowing provider about the NPK value that you need to be using on your lawn. You don’t need to be a mathematician to find the right fertilizer, you just want to know enough to get the purchase right the first time.

1. Nitrogen Fertilizers

For plant and leaf growth, look no further than nitrogen fertilizers. Nitrogen is broken down into the soil where it becomes ammonia that is then absorbed into plant roots and is used to grow the foliage of your plants.

There are specific points in your plant’s life that you want to use this type of fertilizer and your residential lawn care provider will be able to help you know when it is time to use this plant booster on your lawn.

2. Phosphate Fertilizers

Plants need phosphorus throughout their entire lifespan. This nutrient contributes to the root systems and stems of your plants, improving the flowering, seeding, and fruiting for all sorts of plants and trees. By using this type of fertilizer on your lawn and plants, you are taking the steps to vastly improve the quality of your soil.

It is recommended to use fertilizers containing phosphorus if your soil has a sandy consistency or is a light color.

3. Potassium Fertilizers

The growth stage of your plants and lawn is the most important part of your lawn’s development. This is where potassium-based fertilizers step in. This type of fertilizer is perfect for the growth stage of your plant’s life because It is vital for transforming other nutrients into food for your plants. You want your plant to eat well, right? Talk to your lawn care provider about the best types of potassium-based fertilizers on your market.

Different Ways of Fertilization

Fertilization doesn’t always equal getting your hands dirty. Luckily, there are numerous ways to get your lawn the nutrients that it needs. Some of the ways that fertilizer can be distributed include:

• Powders
• Liquids
• Granular

Executive Lawn Care Can Provide the Right Fertilizer to Fit Your Needs

Spring is right around the corner and it is time to start thinking about fertilizing your lawn. Get in touch with the professionals at Executive Lawn Care. We can help you find the right fertilizer and method that will have your lawn looking its greenest in no time.

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