Protect Your Lawn From Your Pooch This Spring

Feb 14, 2019 | Uncategorized

If you’re a dog owner, the chances are that you consider your four-legged companion a member of the family. While this may be the bone-a-fide truth, this familial relationship often comes with some lawn care consequences.

Although your dog may not have ill-intent, its nature isn’t always kind to the state of your grass and sometimes, protective measures need to be taken.

Deter the Digging

If you’ve recently seeded your lawn or live in an area where the soil is naturally soft, then you already know that digging is a huge temptation for your dog. This habit spells sure disaster for your new flower beds, fresh seed or even the work you’ve put into edging.

Unfortunately, yard excavation is something that can really be broken through a strict training regimen. However, if you want to protect your plants and gardens, consider putting up a fence around areas you’d like to keep your dog away from.

Another popular option is the raised flower bed. Not only does this provide a great look for your yard, but it also keeps smaller dogs from getting their paws in your well-maintained yard work.

Urine and Feces Destroy the Quality of Your Lawn

Although it’s natural for your pet to have to go to the bathroom outside, urine and feces can create brown spots on the lawn due to areas of urination soaking up any nutrients the lawn needs. In order to prevent having to reseed your lawn, your local lawn care professional has some recommendations available that are quick and effective.

Spray Water Over Urine Locations

This method of lawn protection requires you to be vigilant but is sure to help keep your lawn from decaying due to urine spots. We suggest using a water hose to spray water over the area shortly after urination has occurred.

What this method does is washes out the nutrients in the urine and spreads it below the root zone of the lawn. This will help to keep your lawn an even color and prevent overgrowth and brown spots in specific areas.

Prevent Travel Tracks

Your dog most likely sees themselves as the sole protector of your home. Therefore, it should be no surprise that your faithful friend enjoys patrolling the same path in your yard on a daily basis. While the eternal hunt for squirrels and mailmen may be cute in the moment, your creature of habit could be leaving some serious travel tracks in your lawn.

Aside from seeding your lawn and planting shrubs in the grass that could guide your dog away from their favorite stomping grounds, we suggest walking your dog and playing with them frequently. While this may not completely solve the problem, at least they will be tired enough to let some of the damage they have done begin to repair itself.


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