Your lawn is representative of your front yard’s personality and making sure that it looks good year-round should be your priority as a homeowner. While scheduled lawn maintenance from your lawn mowing provider is in fact a great step to take, a lawn owner also needs to look beyond surface care.

By this, we mean that throughout the year, your lawn is most likely trying to tell you things about its trouble spots that a lawn care providermay miss. It is up to you to understand your lawn’s love language, and we are here to show you some of the problems that lawns are trying to tell owners about as the air cools down.

Your Grass is Coming Out In Clumps

If you are mowing your lawn or are outside on the lawn with the family and notice that your grass is easily coming out in chunky handfuls, there is definitely a problem underground. If you are pulling up grass by the handful then you have grubs or other insects that are eating away at the roots.

This is a problem because without the root system in good health, the turf will just easily peel away. This problem can be taken care of by your lawn care provider by applying a grub killer around your lawn.

Grass is Turning Brown

If you notice that your lawn is turning brown after a long, hot summer then you are seeing one of two things. Either your lawn is not getting enough water, or you have dormant grass due to fungus. Both of these problems are temporary and can be fixed through various lawn care methods.

If your grass is turning brown, it is not necessarily dead. Your grass is going through a form of hibernation where it turns brown in order to conserve the available water within its roots. The solution to this problem could be as easy as a deep watering, but your lawn care company may have to resort to adding some fertilizer to these brown spots on your lawn.

Your Lawn is Growing in Clumps

In examining a different type of brown spot, we are now looking at when grass grows in clumps around masses of your lawn’s dirt. Some reasons for these spots may be obvious. Even your pet voiding outside can cause this problem. Another reason is that there may be objects under the surface of the lawn that are obstruction the roots from growing. A well-trained lawn care company will be able to determine the problem with your lawn and come to a conclusion of how to solve the problem.

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