Winter can take quite a toll on your lawn, especially if you aren’t prepared for the frigid temperatures that can strike in Frisco, Texas. At Executive Lawn Care, we know that you always want your lawn and beds to be well-taken care of, regardless of the season. Therefore, here are a few top tips for keeping your yard winter ready before the holidays and the actual cold start blowing in.

  • Remove Leaves and Debris
  • Prepare Your Sprinkler System
  • Permanently Get Rid of Weeds
  • Acquire Burlap Covering

Remove Leaves and Debris Before Winter Hits

Everyone knows that during the fall, leaves will become a blanket on your lush, green, lawn. While these leaves can provide shade during a warmer fall day, they can also pose some problems if they are not raked up by winter.

Should you fail to remove leaves and debris like tree branches these pieces can cause dry and dead spots that will become eyesores once spring rolls around. Make sure to rake your leaves this season or have an experienced lawn care provider help you with this job.

Prepare Your Yard’s Water Systems

Your plumbing system usually doesn’t end inside the home. In fact, some of the most delicate pieces of plumbing can be found directly outside. That’s right, we are talking about your spigots and sprinkler systems.

Freezing temperatures can damage your pipes and cause bursts that can be very costly repairs. Make sure to shut down your outdoor water systems during the winter and properly insulate any exposed pipes in your yard.

Make Sure to Permanently Get Rid of Weeds

Weeds are the bane of your lawn’s existence, especially right before winter hits. During the fall, take the time to make sure that your yard is completely weed-free. Weeds tend to spread their seeds during the fall and can lead to an unhealthy lawn very quickly.

Invest in Some Burlap Covering

Sometimes your spring gardening preparation means planting delicate flowers in the fall. Don’t let these plants freeze and die during the winter. We recommend purchasing a burlap cover from your local gardening supply store. Covering these plants during the winter months will add some much needed extra protection that will all pay off when spring arrives.

Winterize Your Lawn Professionally with Executive Lawn Care

Let’s face it, if you want your lawn to look great in the spring, you will have to put in the work during the fall and winter. Unfortunately for most homeowners, this means taking precious time away from the family in order to get the job done.

Don’t spend another moment away from your holiday traditions, let Executive Lawn Care winterize your lawn for you, the right way. Contact us today to find out more about our current schedule in your area and how we can keep your yard alive during even the coldest months.

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