Fall Leaves and Your Lawn Maintenance

Sep 28, 2018 | Uncategorized

While many people enjoy the colors and beauty of a Texas fall season, sometimes the number of leaves that hit the ground can be frightening. This is especially true for first-time homeowners or people moving into our state that aren’t used to changing seasons.

Many questions pop up about what to do with the fall leaves that seem to endlessly pile up in a front or backyard. Do they have an impact on lawn maintenance? Do you have to move them?

The arguments for or against leaves on the lawn can really swing either way. At Executive Lawn Care, we believe that your lawn needs to look its best year-round. Here are some of our thoughts when it comes to leaf accumulation on your lawn.

Leaves Have an Impact on Your Lawn’s Health

The negative view of this is that leaves covering the entirety of your lawn don’t allow your Frisco lawn to thrive. With little exposure to sun, constant moisture being sucked up via the leaves, some experts say that an un-raked lawn promotes brown spots and dead lawns by the time spring rolls around.

We recommend that you ask your lawn maintenance provider to rake and dispose of your leaves on a regular basis. Just a couple of times throughout the fall simply won’t cut it. Your lawn needs to be free in order to thrive. Yes, allowing the leaves to settle may protect your grass from some colder elements, but in the long run, finding a better use for the leaves or simply getting rid of them is your best option.

Your Leaf Accumulation Can Be Used As Mulch

Mulching your lawn is a great way to promote growth and curb appeal. If you have a large number of leaves on your lawn, a lawn care professional will be able to help you put your mess to good use. This will be done through mulching and your general lawn mowing schedule.

Our suggestion isn’t to throw your leaves away, but to chop them up with your lawnmower. Simply remove your grass catcher and have the leaves mowed over during a routine mowing. Make sure that your leaves are cut into very small pieces so that they can properly be used as mulch for your lawn. While it is not recommended to use this type of a mulch year-round, once or twice during the fall season is a great way to make use of your fall foliage and also promote a beautiful lawn.

Executive Lawn Care Helps You Recycle Your Fallen Leaves

During the fall and winter seasons, your goal is to make sure that your lawn is able to remain healthy enough to be vibrant once the spring season is in full swing. At Executive Lawn Care, we understand that this time of the year is usually spent on family outings and sometimes your lawn comes second on your household list. Let the professionals take care of your fall lawn for you. Contact us today to find out more about our services in your area.

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