Top 3 Do’s and Don’ts of Mulching

Jan 11, 2018 | Uncategorized

Mulching your lawn is something that many people like to talk about without really having a great idea of what it entails. The advantages of mulching are plain and simple, by mulching you provide your lawn with the nutrients that it needs as well as reduce the need for water use due to the mulch protecting the soil from evaporation.

Here are some of the top do’s and don’ts of mulching your lawn and optimizing your lawn care for spring.

The Do’s

1. Do Examine Your Entire Lawn Before Mulching

Before even picking out the type of mulch that you will be needing for your lawn or area you will be using it on, it is best to examine your entire landscape beforehand. You want to see what type of shrubbery that you have where you will be mulching and determine where mulching is required.

2. Do Test Out Different Mulches

Mulch comes in a variety of textures that range from pine straw to hardwood bark. The mulch that you select is based on the type of look that you want for your mulch and the types of nutrients that come with each brand. Don’t be afraid to test out different mulches until you have the one that you need to get your lawn looking great in the spring.

3. Do Clean Out the Area

Sometimes when you are mulching you are actually performing the process of re-mulching an area of your yard. If you are doing this, you want to remove some of the old mulch from the area where you are going to be working. If you continuously stack on old mulch on top of older mulch then you will have a weaker reaction to the new mulch from your yard where you are working.

The Don’ts

1. Don’t Forget to Measure While Mulching

Using too little or too much mulch can be a bad thing for your lawn. It is recommended that you place about three inches of mulch on your various beds that you are using it on. If you ensure that you re using the right amount of mulch each time, then you will be able to help fight off weeds and hold on to the moisture in the ground that your plants need.

2. Don’t Use Bad Mulch

This may sound obvious, but make sure that the mulch that you purchase is from a reliable source. Just buying any old homemade mulch could be detrimental to your lawn because there could be unwanted weed seeds in your mulch that could cause you a lot of trouble in the long-term.

3. Don’t Forget to Call Executive Lawn Care

If you can sense spring around the corner and are concerned with your lawn looking its best, then we recommend giving Executive Lawn Care a call. Our residential lawn care experience can bring the expertise that you need to making your lawn look the best that it can once spring finally comes around.

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