4 Steps to Take Towards Heat Protecting Lawn Care

Jul 13, 2018Lawn Care Tips, Summer Lawn Care

Even though we have had quite the long winter this year, as surprising as it seems, the heat is on its way. While many of us will take advantage of the heat by throwing family barbecues or heading to the beach, not everyone is going to fare well in this weather.

Some people may not like the heat, or, much like your lawn, simply don’t thrive in it. You would take the proper steps to ensure someone that didn’t like the heat was comfortable. So, in turn, you should take some proper steps to make sure that your lawn is comfortable while the temperature is on the rise. Here are some summer service lawn tips from your local lawn care provider.

Tip #1: Be Wary of Fertilization

While you may think that fertilizing your lawn with the threat of oncoming heat is a good idea, you would be dead wrong. Fertilizing at the beginning of spring isn’t damaging, but once spring begins to veer into summer, you will start to see some problems.

If you use too much fertilizer in the spring, then your lawn will consume more than what is necessary and wear itself out during the heat.

Tip #2: Reduce Lawn Traffic

As the heat begins to rise, you will be tempted to host several outdoor events that could cause some wear on your lawn. While we aren’t saying to post your ‘keep off the lawn’ signs, minimizing foot traffic on your lawn during the warmer seasons is a good idea.

As the heat begins to increase, remember that foot traffic is something that presses down and holds down dry grass. This prevents the popularly walked areas of your lawn from being able to rejuvenate itself when watering does occur.

If your lawn does end up becoming dry, we recommend discussing maintenance tips with your lawn care provider so that when the weather cools down, you have a battleplan.

Tip #3: Water Correctly

Watering your lawn correctly in the spring is important. Over-watering your lawn is definitely something that can happen during warmer temperatures. By over-watering your lawn and the soil being constantly wet, you are essentially suffocating your lawn. When the soil is always moist, your lawn is unable to take in the nutrients that it needs and eventually dies off.

However, if you plan to go on a lengthy vacation, the night before you leave is a good time to really soak down your lawn and make sure that it gets the moisture that it will need to thrive while you are gone.

Tip #4: Hire a Lawn Care Professional

Sometimes doing the right thing for your lawn in the heat is hiring a lawn care professional to do the job for you. A lawn maintenance company will be able to easily determine the type of care and frequency of care that is necessary for your lawn. Some services that a local lawn care provider comes with include:

  • Scheduled mowing
  • Proper fertilization
  • Shrub trimming


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