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Lawn Fertilizer Service

Weed Control & Fertilization Services

True specialists in lawn fertilization in North Dallas and Collin County should be your first choice when determining the best way to improve and maintain your lawn’s health. Executive Lawn Care specializes in all aspects of lawn care and maintenance, including utilizing our lawn fertilizer service. Check out the many options we have available to help you obtain the best looking lawn on the block.

Services We Offer:

The lawn care services you get will depend on the packages you choose. These range from basic lawn care, such as mowing and trimming, to more extensive lawn services. Here is a list of a few services we provide:

Lawn Mowing

We wouldn’t be much of a lawn care company if we didn’t offer mowing. We recommend weekly lawn mowing services to keep up with your lawn’s growth during the active growing season.


As previously mentioned, we are experts in fertilization lawn care. This lawn care service can be provided as part of your lawn care package. We will design an individualized fertilization plan to fit your lawn type and needs.


Mowing the grass only goes so far. Without proper trimming, your lawn will still look unkempt and disheveled. This service often comes with even the most basic of our lawn care plans.

Flowerbed care

If you desire, we can also help keep flowerbeds weed-free and properly mulched. Anyone who has ever planted flowers surely understands how backbreaking and time-consuming this process can be so we offer it as part of our special packages.

Affordable Lawn Care

Having the best looking lawn on the block doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Our lawn care is surprisingly affordable, and we will work with you to find an option that fits your budget.

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Fertilization and Weed Control Services

This Service Includes

  • A lawn consultation to determine what is best for your lawn.
  • An individualized plan that addresses the unique needs of your turf and soil type.
  • Prevention and control of weeds using premier products that are safe for your family, pets, and turf.
  • Fertilizer (plant nutrition) chosen for the needs of your grass variety then applied precisely when it’s needed.
  • In today’s world where environmental consciousness is critical, our system uses 75% less water than our competitors.
  • We spend the time making your oasis beautiful so that your time is spent enjoying it! 

What is the Fertilizer + Weed Control Treatment Service?

Our fertilizer and weed control treatment service is completely customized to fit the unique needs of your lawn. Our program director, Douglas, has over 12 years of experience in the lawn care industry. Our team will apply the same level of care to your lawn as Douglas did to the private, 18-hole golf course that he was superintendent of. 

Our fertilizer service provides your lawn with the necessary nutrients that it needs to thrive, and our weed control treatments ensure that pesky and invasive weeds never have the opportunity to enter your yard.

What it Means to have a Customized Treatment:

We will inspect your lawn and customize and adapt the treatment to suit your lawn the best. Because each lawn program is individually handcrafted, we’re able to make adjustments year-round for things like weather and precipitation changes, new technology, and anything else that could pop up. 

This treatment is designed specifically for you and your lawn!

What Kind of Products do you Use?

Only the best for our clients! We make sure to use high-quality, professional-grade products on every lawn we work with. They are pet and human-safe, as long as adequate drying time is allowed after application. 

What to Expect:

Sit back and let the professionals handle it! On each visit, we’ll determine what your lawn needs, where it's thriving, and what goals we have for the lawn long term. From there, we’ll apply the needed treatment evenly and precisely, ensuring that your lawn receives the nutrients that it needs while protecting it against invasive weeds. 

Like always, your satisfaction is our #1 priority. We’ll work with you to develop a plan that you’re comfortable with and take you along for the journey step by step. 

How Often do I Receive Service?:

Our treatment is a 12-time-a-year program. The healthiest lawns are well-fed and thoroughly protected! We provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs while ensuring that weeds never have the opportunity to begin to grow. The healthier your lawn is, the more it can endure stressors like weather changes, foot traffic, and constant mowing, safeguarding it from potential problems down the road.

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