It’s that time of the year again where resolutions are confidently made and then swiftly broken once they are forgotten in the first weeks of 2018. While most of these resolutions are to lose weight, and save more money in the new year, there is the option of making a specific resolution that will have you feeling good the entire year.

This year, forget the weight and take the necessary steps to properly maintaining your residential or commercial lawn. Here are our four big resolutions that we think you should be making when the NYC ball drops at the end of 2017.

Fertilize Your Soil

In order for your lawn to be the best that it can be throughout the year, you must remember that a good lawn starts out with great soil. Your first efforts of the new year should be to have your soil fertilized with the necessary nutrients that your lawn needs to thrive throughout the year.

You may think that any old fertilizer will do the trick, but your lawn most likely needs a specific type of fertilizer to maintain itself for all of the seasons. Talk to a lawn care provider that can help you decide what is the best option for your lawn’s health.

Promote Weed Control

Weed control is very important, especially in Texas. It is very easy to lose your precious lawn to overgrown weeds. Most generic weed control solutions can be deadly to not only the weeds but your lawn itself.

Take the time to come up with a weed control plan for your lawn this year. Make the effort to pull weeds as they come up and research the available weed control options that are the best fit for your lawn.

Regularly Mow Your Lawn

This year, really pay attention to the seasons and get a lawn mowing schedule into place. Many people think that mowing your lawn twice a month at any height is the way to maintain a lawn’s health. Sadly, many people are wrong and lawns easily die out due to grass being cut too short.

In actuality, your lawn mowing schedule should be centered around when your lawn is growing and when it is not growing. Pay attention to how long your grass is and the color of your lawn after you have mowed it. Remember, if the weather is warm, don’t be afraid to mow often.

Let the Professionals Take Care of Your Lawn’s Needs

Finally, make the new year’s resolution that is going to be the easiest one to keep up for your lawn this year. Get in touch with the professionals at Executive Lawn Care. We offer extensive services for both residential and commercial lawns and guarantee that your lawn will remain healthy throughout the year under our care. From fertilizing to lawn mowing, our team will make sure that your new year’s resolution doesn’t get forgotten. Call us today to schedule your first mow

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