As fall begins to dissipate and the cool weather really begins to settle into Texas, it is time to start considering the dangers that could occur to your lawn when the weather begins to freeze over. Timing is crucial when you are preparing your lawn to thrive during the spring, so knowing what happens to your lawn when it freezes. It is important to understand the biology of your lawn and how freeze damage can be prevented.

Here are some tips from your local lawn care company on freeze damage to your lawn and how to prevent your lawn from being ruined during freezing weather conditions.

Prepare for Cell Dehydration

During the cold weather your lawn is going to change based on how well it reacts to cell dehydration. In Texas, there are times when we have to deal with freezing weather. During these freezes the water that surrounds your grass freezes over and the process of osmosis begins in your lawn.

Essentially, the osmosis means that your lawn is dehydrating because water within the cells of your lawn are moving out. While this is something that you cannot really prevent in your lawn care, it is something to prepare for and take comfort in knowing that when the cells warm up again, the water will re-hydrate them.

Best Steps to Prevent Freeze Damage to Your Lawn

If your lawn is already damaged from cold weather you are most likely looking at resodding or reseeding your lawn. For larger patches of grass that are damaged we recommend resodding. After you have performed one of these process, make sure to water your grass well, and don’t stop when the seedlings emerge. At this point in time, your grass needs a lot of moisture and it still runs the danger of being sucked up by the cold weather.

As far as preventative steps go, this is more of a long-term process than an easy fix. Your lawn was built to be able to tolerate a number of stresses, and with time, care, and some professional lawn maintenance, your lawn will be able to get through the coldest of winters. We recommend that you routinely have your lawn fertilized and professionally cared for over the years that you are maintaining it. A well-maintained lawn is one that will be able to not only handle the stresses of winter, but recover from the damage faster than the average.

Executive Lawn Care Will Get Your Lawn Through the Years

If you are concerned about your lawn’s longevity during the colder seasons of Texas, trust your blades with the professionals at Executive Lawn Care. We can ensure that your lawn is properly mowed, fertilized, and prepared for the winters to come. Give us a call today to find out more about the services that we offer in both residential and commercial lawn care.

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