Your front lawn is the outside representation of your home, so no wonder you would use a professional lawn mowing service to make it look good.  However, your lawn is a living organism and it will continue to thrive and grow even between your scheduled lawn care services.  Understanding some tips that can help you maintain your lawn between now and your next mowing will help you keep your lawn looking its best throughout the end of the Texas summer.

Water Your Lawn Properly

Texas summers often come hand-in-hand with water restrictions placed on residents who regularly maintain their lawns.  Even with restrictions in place, you can still get your lawn the watering maintenance that it needs before your next lawn mowing services. Don’t worry if you are just reading this and realizing that you have not been properly watering your lawn.  Luckily, lawns recover quickly from drought so you can begin to properly maintain your lawn today.  Maintaining your lawn does not mean watering whenever you please.  You should water your lawn three times a week and not while the sun is completely out.  Try to set your sprinkler system to run before the sun comes up so that both you and your lawn can be refreshed in the morning.

Keep Your Grass Relatively Long

Especially in the summer months, Frisco gets a little too warm for your lawn.  The Texas heat can easily be the cause for your soil drying out and your grass dying.  By keeping your lawn about 3 inches tall, you provide shade for your soil and help keep available water in the soil.  Of course, you don’t have to worry about these details, because your lawn mowing service provider will be able to do this for you.

Your Lawn gets Hungry in the Summer

In Texas, our summers usually come with some expected rainfall that is always beneficial to our lawns.  Between mowing services, take advantage of these rainfalls and feed your lawn.  Giving your lawn a dose of fertilizer can be great for its health during rainy periods.  However, fertilizing your lawn during extremely dry weather can scorch your lawn.  Proceed with caution and ask your lawn care provider for advice on this subject.

No Weeds Allowed

Weeds can be an eyesore on your front lawn and they usually tend to pop up right under your radar.  Take a weekend to remove weeds like dandelions by grabbing your gardening tools and digging them out by the root.  This way, when your next mowing comes along, you can avoid having these weeds spread further into your shrubbery.

Mow Routinely with Executive Lawn Care

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