Spring Lawn Care Maintenance for Homeowners

by Apr 5, 2017Spring Lawn Care

Spring is well underway in Texas and many homeowners are spending their weekends trying to do lawn care maintenance before the summer heat makes an appearance. After a long winter, your lawn might be looking a little sick and in need of some serious help. To get it looking healthy again, here are a few basic things you or a professional lawn care company should be doing.

Planting Grass to Help Maintain Your Lawn

Over the course of a year, the grass on your lawn can die due to overuse, rough activity, or insufficient nutrients. If you’re noticing bare spots all across your lawn, then you most certainly need to seed your lawn. However, knowing the kind of grass you have can be difficult as it comes in a wide-variety. If you want your lawn to look seamless, then using a great lawn service is important. Lawn care specialists will be able to tell what kind of grass you already have and seed the areas that need a little help.

Fertilizing Your Soil

For lawns that need extra help, you might need to fertilize the soil to ensure that grass can grow. We’ve come across many lawns that have insufficient nutrients for actually growing grass or other plants. For these kinds of lawns, we fertilize the soil with the perfect combination of nutrients and then allow the soil to soak them up before we seed the lawn. Our lawn fertilization service in Frisco is the perfect solution to your lawn’s needs.

Weeding Your Lawn

No matter how much you try to rid your lawn of them, weeds are always going to creep up through the ground and plants themselves in your gardens and grass. Weed control is difficult to do without killing off the plants you do want around. Our weed control services carefully evaluate problem areas and develop a weed prevention and control plan to rid your lawn of weeds.

Doing Flower Bed Maintenance

Due to the intense heat Texas receives during the summer months, spring flower bed maintenance services are important to the health of your flowers and bushes. Making sure they have adequate soil to grow in, plenty of nutrients, and a well-kept flower bed will ensure that they survive the heat. Our lawn maintenance crews are able to care for your flower beds and give them the care they need to last the summer.

Don’t Waste Your Weekends Doing Lawn Care

Your weekends are meant to be spent with family and friends and not caring for your lawn. Let our work crews maintain your lawn for you. Our services are professional and fairly priced for all of our customers. If your lawn needs some help this spring, then give us a call!

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