If one of your favorite pastimes is watching the big game on your flat screen, but you also love autumn weather then take the television into your backyard to enjoy both!

The beautiful thing about Dallas is that this fair-weather city is perfect for all-season outdoor TV viewing!

That’s precisely why more homeowners choose to upgrade their backyard landscape design by adding an outdoor television.  Let’s take a look at safety considerations of outdoor tv and how to install outdoor television so your backyard becomes the neighborhood’s hang out!

Choose TV for Outdoors

If you’ll be mounting the TV outside permanently it must weather all seasons. Look for a weatherproof television that’s graded for outdoor use.

Waterproof TVs are amazing because they’re designed to survive cold, heat, sunlight, humidity, moisture, and insects. While outdoor televisions cost a bit more than standard televisions, the investment is worth it because you needn’t worry about replacing an ordinary TV that can’t withstand the elements.

Next, consider television size to match your outdoor space. If you have a large yard, a larger TV extends visibility for people who relaxing in the grass a distance from the patio or deck. However, a smaller TV might work better if you have a tighter space already crowded with tables, chairs, and a grill.

Practical Safety Considerations with Outdoor TV

It’s wise to have your outdoor TV professionally installed to ensure that the wiring is correct. All wiring must be up to code using a ground-fault current interrupting (GFCI) outlet.

If you hook up cable, choose between wired or wireless. All cables used for the outdoor TV must contain a UV light-protective layer. In addition, you’ll need to cover any loose wires connected to the television using an outdoor-rated conduit to stop cracking or thinning.

Purchase a wall-mounting kit made specifically for outdoor use. Make sure the kit is the appropriate size for the weight of your television. Trying to save a few dollars by “going too small” could cause the television to become unhinged during a weather event.

While outdoor wall-mounting kits provide rust resistance and weatherproofing, upgrade to a premium kit if you want lockable, mounting hardware for anti-theft protection. Finally, protect your television with a screen cover when it’s not in use. While outdoor TVs are suited for all weather elements, you’ll extend the life of your TV by diligently covering it to shield it from sunlight, dew, and sideways rain.

Where to Mount Outdoor TV

There’s no shortage of options when choosing the best place to mount your outdoor TV. The answer comes down to the type of environment you’re trying to create. For some people, the goal is to create a theater-like setting with a high-visibility television. Others want to recreate “the indoors” outside by setting up a classic living room look on the deck or patio. Areas that work best for outdoor television include:

  • Facing pool or hot tub
  • Against stone or brick fireplace
  • In corner facing outdoor dining set
  • In front of outdoor sofa set
  • Overlooking outdoor grill station

Not every outdoor space will have a condusive area to hang a tv.  Remember this is a newer trend, and most homes in Dallas were not built to accommodate outdoor television.

You may have to rethink the current configuration of your yard. For instance, expanding a patio area to create a living room alcove that can easily fit seating and a television might be a great investment. Similarly, building an outdoor fireplace that can accommodate a television will add tremendous overall property value.

Outdoor TV Installation Tips

While waterproof televisions are designed to withstand the elements, there’s always a benefit to providing as much coverage for an outdoor TV as possible. Do your best to find a mounting spot with some protection. A roof, overhang, or enclosure can make the TV-watching experience much cozier.

Building a small pergola or nook is worth the investment for homeowners who are serious about outdoor television. However, even a TV nestled under a covered porch or patio still requires all of the waterproofing and protection needed for a fully exposed television.

Outdoor Landscape Design with Executive Lawn Care

Executive Lawn Care can help you design a backyard landscape to feature a new, outdoor TV area!  We are the Dallas lawn care team homeowners choose for complex landscaping design. Reach out today to speak with our lawn care experts about your plans for creating the an outdoor entertainment experience.




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