Lawn liming is a hot topic here in the Lone Star State.  So, when should you lime a lawn in Texas? Few things can make a lawn look as green, lush, or vibrant as liming.However, homeowners often feel unsure about how to handle liming.

Take a look at where liming should fit into your residential lawn care plan if you fantasize about an emerald lawn all year long.

What Is Liming?

Liming is the process of adding natural limestone to a lawn. It helps to balance the pH level of your grass to promote healthy growth. When your soil’s pH balance is off, your lawn is deprived of essential nutrients.

Limestone’s high magnesium and calcium carbonate concentrations are terrific for neutralizing acidic soil. Of course, it’s easy to apply “too much of a good thing” once they start liming.

Alkaline Lawns

When you add too much lime to your lawn, you strip the soil of its acidity. This puts you in the position of having an alkaline lawn.

Alkaline lawns are incapable of absorbing the nutrients needed to keep grass growing. That’s why dead, yellow-tinged grass is a telltale sign that a lawn is alkaline due to excessive liming. Getting the numbers right with liming is difficult unless you’re a trained professional. That’s precisely why Dallas homeowners looking for liming services usually trust the process to lawn care experts.

When Should You Lime Your Lawn?

The time period between early fall and early spring is the optimal time for liming your grass. This allows the limed soil to go through freeze-thaw cycles, rain, and snow. Avoid liming your lawn when the ground is soggy, wilted, or dry. You should also avoid liming during frosty weather conditions.

If you think you’d like to lime your lawn, get your soil pH levels tested before the start of spring.

How to Lime Your Yard

The first step to liming your lawn is to determine the type of lime product that is ideal for your yard. Product choice varies based on your soil conditions, grass type, and local climate.

Local lawn care experts can recommend the precise lime formula needed to create the best results after evaluating your lawn. This is essential towards ensuring your lawn receives the right treatment.

Lime products can be applied as either pellets or powders. However, lime should never be applied by hand. The Lye within your lime product could burn your skin. Wear protective gear like a respiratory mask and gloves to prevent dangerous particles from invading your system.

Using either a drop spreader or rotary spreader, spread lime evenly across the entire yard to ensure uniform results. As with all lawn care efforts, magic doesn’t happen overnight. The results from liming may not be noticeable for several months.

Get Your Lawn Professionally Limed

Are you ready to get your yard in perfect balance? Lush, green blades of grass are possible once you know the secret to your neighbors’ picture-perfect lawns by applying limestone. Executive Lawn Care of Dallas is pleased to offer liming as one of our many lawn services.

We have built a reputation on our world-class bed and bush maintenance. In addition to being the trusted name for flower bed maintenance in Dallas, we’re also the lawn company that countless Dallas homes and businesses trust for professional lawn liming. Let us evaluate your lawn next! We’ll help you design a flawless strategy for safely and effectively liming your lawn to create many beautiful and lush seasons ahead! Contact Executive Lawn Care for lawn liming quotes in Dallas!





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