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Choosing drought-resistant plants for your landscaping in Texas makes sense. The weather conditions are often drought-like, and it can be a waste of resources to create a beautiful landscape with plants that can’t withstand the weather or will require massive watering.

Work With Dallas Landscaping Experts To Find The Right Plants

If you are not familiar with what types of plants to use, speak with your Dallas lawn care company about what plants you should use to create a beautiful landscape. Some of the plants they may suggest include:

California Poppies

These beautiful orange and yellow flowers not only are drought-resistant, but they also don’t mind full sun and poor soil conditions. These flowers will brighten up any area of your landscape.


Lavender originates in the Middle East and is very drought-resistant. The light purple flowers are fragrant and attract butterflies.

Red Yucca

Red Yucca is a statement plant because of how it grows. The plant has spiky green leaves that stay close to the ground, producing long stalks of small red flowers. These are great plants to use throughout your landscaping.

Texas Sage

Texas Sage originates from our state so it is perfect for growing in hot weather conditions. The silvery leaves and soft purple flowers are attractive in any setting. These are very low-maintenance plants.


Salvia is late summer and early fall blooming plant with various flower colors. The flower spikes can grow as high as 30 inches from the base. Very easy to grow and drought-resistant, these plants also attract hummingbirds.


Another purple flower is perfect for drought conditions. This flower blooms in late summer and throughout fall. It does not grow very tall, making it perfect for borders. The flowers attract butterflies and bees.

Russian Sage

Purple is the theme of drought-resistant flowers. Russian Sage needs to be planted in direct sunlight. The flowers will also grow in drought-like conditions and in poor soil. With enough sun, these flowers will never disappoint.

Licorice Plant

The Licorice Plant is more of a vine and grows close to the ground. It has a silvery look and will intertwine with other plants in your landscaping. It is a great ground cover and needs little water or care.

Create The Right Landscaping For Your Home With Executive Lawn Care

Working with local Dallas landscapers is the best choice for finding the right plants for your home’s landscape. We offer much more than lawn mowing and flower bed and bush maintenance, we provide expert landscape design and planting services.

If you want to create a beautiful landscape that is easy to manage, can withstand drought conditions, and adds beauty to your home, speak with Executive Lawn Care today!

We can help your landscape hold up in the heat and give your property the attention it deserves. Contact us to schedule your first residential lawn servicing appointment today!


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