Last year, Texas experienced an ice storm that left millions of lawns damaged and in need of severe landscaping work. Although we can’t push away any nasty weather, the team at Executive Lawn Care still has plenty of tricks up our sleeves to help mitigate the damage of a winter freeze.

Before the temperatures dip to a dangerously low level, follow our helpful hints that should best prepare your landscaping for frigid weather.

Move Potted Plants Indoors

Potted plants are among the highest number of foliage casualties during a winter freeze. Do yourself and them a favor by bringing your plants indoors before a cold front hits.

While inside, they can thrive under your own attention and provide some clean oxygen and eye-catching appeal for those living in your home.

If you can’t decide on which plants need to come inside, just remember, the warmer the weather they need to flourish, the less of a chance they’ll have out in the cold.

Mow Your Lawn Based on the Weather

Although you should continue to mow your lawn throughout the winter, we suggest planning your mowing schedule based on the current weather conditions. If it’s clear but crisp out, we say mow away but don’t cut your lawn too short. You don’t want your lawn to be too exposed when the cold weather actually arrives.

However, if there is a freeze or frost on your lawn, avoid mowing until these conditions have completely passed. Usually, a wait time of one or two weeks is sufficient.

Continue Your Watering Schedule

Did you know that wet soil actually retains heat for your plants? So, if the temperature is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, you still need to water and keep your plants hydrated.

When watering your landscape, it’s always best to water the soil and not the plants themselves. After all, any water left dripping on the plants can lead to frost and damage if you water around the time of the next freeze.

Avoid Walking on Your Lawn

As freezing temperatures begin to permeate the weather patterns, your lawn can easily become brittle and at risk of damage. A frozen lawn can become broken when stepped on and fail to regrow and regenerate cells.

While the weather is colder this winter, keep your lawn safe and thriving. Step around your blades of grass whenever possible.

Protect Your Outdoor Faucets

Protecting your faucets and outdoor pipes is essential during a freeze. Taking this easy step can prevent a costly plumbing repair if your pipes freeze, expand, and burst.

In order to effectively protect your outdoor plumbing, follow these steps:

  • Unhook your garden hoses
  • Turn off the water spigots
  • Cover your spigots and pipes with store-bought protective coverings and towels

Keep Your Landscape Intact This Winter With Executive Lawn Care

If you’re ready to keep your lawn thriving during a cold winter, let the experts of Executive Lawn Care help! We can provide lawn mowing and bed and bush services that help your lawn remain a pillar of beauty in your neighborhood no matter the time of year.

Contact us to learn more about our services and get your lawn on our schedule.

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