Now that summer is coming to a close, it’s time for homeowners to start considering their tree and bush’s health for the last half of the year.

One of the best actions an owner can take as the weather cools down is to schedule tree trimming services from a trusted lawn care professional

Executive Lawn Care offers a bed and bush maintenance service that includes the trimming of ornamental trees. Here’s a closer look at why you should take advantage of this opportunity before winter arrives.

Effective Pest Management

Without regular pruning and trimming, your trees become a welcoming home to invasive pests that can destroy the beauty of your landscape. 

Not only does keeping your trees tight and trim deter insects from settling in, but our services also sever connections between your branches and your home. Our trimming process naturally keeps insects off of your plants and away from the inside of your home.

Early Problem Detection

Even if you schedule tree trimming purely for cosmetic reasons, a landscaping professional can easily detect any blossoming issues with your trees while the work gets done.

Early detection of disease and infestations are essential for keeping your trees healthy. The average homeowner wouldn’t know what to look for, but a lawn care professional could quickly point out developing issues and provide viable solutions that could save your tree.

More Sunlight & Further Growth Potential

Getting rid of unnecessary or dead branches helps your tree out so much more than what literally meets the eye.

When dead branches are cut, trees are given the opportunity to retain more nutrients and continue proper growth of current branches, new branches, and healthy leaves.

Your trees also require ample sunlight to thrive. Routine trimming cuts away excess dead branches and gives your tree’s living branches more exposure to the sun and further room to grow.

You Have a Safer Property

Texas winters can come with strong winds and snowstorms that put extra stress on your trees. Brittle or dying branches that have been left to rot could easily fall under the weight of snow or the force of the wind. 

A fallen branch can not only damage the roof of your home but also opens you up to liability if a branch falls on a visitor while they are on your property.

Keep your home safer with fall pruning and trimming from the experts at Executive Lawn Care.

Improved General Appearance

Finally, trimmed trees simply add a boost to your curb appeal. Give yourself the gift of fewer leaves to rake up during the fall season and let your lawn and flower beds attract the attention your home’s exterior deserves.

Schedule Precise Tree Trimming Services Today, With Executive Lawn Care

Don’t let fall pass you by without scheduling an essential tree trimming appointment. If you trust Executive Lawn Care with the integrity of your lawn, you can trust us to help preserve the health and beauty of your trees this fall.

Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule residential lawn care services with the best landscapers in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas.

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