A well-mowed lawn is the pride and joy of any homeowner in the summer. The biggest tool responsible for a great lawn is a great lawn mower. While this equipment usually starts out strong, maintenance is necessary in order to keep a lawn mower efficient. Here are some common maintenance tips to follow if you want to keep your mower problem-free.

Always Clean Up

The deck of your lawn mower, where the blades rest is what gets the messiest after a thorough mowing. Take some time after each mowing session to tilt your lawn mower up and brush away grass and debris from the area. This will prevent any potential blade damage or a clogged up deck that could leave your lawn mower struggling to function properly.

Sharpen Your Blades

Dull blades raise the risk of your cut becoming ragged and ugly. Not only that, but they leave your lawn exposed to pests and damaging diseases. While you may not have the tools for a proper blade sharpening, meet with your trusted lawn care professional to schedule a sharpening before the mowing season goes into full effect.

Keep Track of Your Air Filter

Gas lawn mowers rely on a clean air filter in order to maximize their performance. So, replacing your air filters is essential to the well-being of your lawn mower. The frequency of replacement really depends on the material of which your filter is made from:

  • Paper Filters = Once a year
  • Foam Filters = Twice per season

Failure to replace your air filter will make your lawn mower work into overtime and leave you spending more money than planned on gas.

If Needed, Change Your Oil

Just like your car, your lawn mower’s oil needs to be checked, refilled, and changed out. This is a simple process that should be done at least once a season. When checking your oil, not only should you look out for the oil level, but also its color. You want a brown look to your oil. Anything black or chunky means that it’s time to consult with your lawn care professional about an official change.

Replace Your Spark Plug

If your lawn mower takes its time to start up before each mowing, then it may be time to replace your mower’s spark plug. Keep in mind that while this job is a simple replacement, you will need a special wrench to complete your task. If you can’t find the tool at your local hardware store, your lawn care provider will be able to include a spark plug replacement during your blade sharpening maintenance.

Ensure Your Lawn is Well-Kept With Executive Lawn Care

While it’s important to maintain your lawn mower, sometimes the summer heat can prevent even the most diligent owners from taking necessary maintenance steps. If you’ve decided that your lawn mower should stay cool in the garage this summer, Executive Lawn Care can help you keep your lawn mowed and healthy. Contact us today to learn more about our residential services in your area.

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