It’s February in Texas and it’s cold. Probably the last thing on your mind is mowing your lawn. When spring arrives, it will arrive quickly. It will rain a bit and the temperatures will warm. Suddenly your grass is needing to be mowed. If you don’t utilize a lawn mowing service this is a bad time to figure out that you have a lawnmower problem. Late winter, leading into early spring, is the time to fire it up, tune it up, and be sure that your lawnmower is working well.

If you have tried to start it and it hasn’t started or doesn’t sound just right, there may be a problem with your mower. There are a few things to notice when diagnosing your lawnmower issues.

  • Difficult to start or will not start
  • Starter rope is hard to pull
  • Screeching noise, loud knocking sound or sputtering
  • Smoke coming from the exhaust
  • Lawnmower’s engine is inconsistent or loses power while moving
  • Engine vibration
  • Using too much gas or oil (you may not now this until the cutting season begins)
  • Not cutting well

First Check For Your Mower’s First Use Of The Year

Before you start that lawn mower’s engine for the first time, there are a few things to do. Tune it up, change the oil, and fill it with fresh gas. Be sure you have a new or recently sharpened blade. Give the lawnmower a thorough cleaning and lube. Now you are ready to give it a start to test it out. If you find your lawn mower is having problems, it may be easy to diagnose the problem.

Why My Lawn Mower Won’t Start

If your mower will not start, the spark plug could be the culprit; the air filter could be dirty, or you may need a new fuel filter. On a riding lawnmower, your battery could be the issue. A starter rope that seems stuck or difficult to pull may be the result of the flywheel brake being engaged or the underside of your lawnmower is caked with excessive clippings.

A screeching engine is usually a simple fix. The lawn mower’s engine belt may need to be replaced. If it is sputtering or knocking, it may be time to replace the rings. Do you hear a knocking sound? You should check your lawnmower blades to see if it is broken or bent.

What To Do If Your Mower Is Smoking Or Vibrating

Do not panic if your lawn mower is smoking. Check your oil chamber to be sure it isn’t too full or leaking. The smoke is simply oil that is dripping onto the muffler and burning. On the other hand, if you are seeing very light or white smoke, this could be a more serious problem needing a professional.

Engine vibration is sign of a bent, loose or broken part. Lawnmower engine inconsistency is evidence of a clog in the air filter or carburetor, or you may need a new belt. If you are running your lawn mower in heavy grass when it begins to shudder, clean up the underside of any built-up clippings

Signs Your Lawn Mower Isn’t Cutting Optimally

When your cutting season begins, you may notice that your mower is using too much oil or gas. Check the spark plug or give it a good cleaning. Lastly, if you notice that your mower simply is not cutting well, it could be that the blade is damaged or dull. If that isn’t the problem, have your mower’s engine checked.

Skip Your Own Mowing with Executive Lawn Care

Knowing how to service your own lawnmower’s problems saves money and time. You can avoid repairs by doing routine maintenance. When it seems like your lawnmower problems are beyond your realm of knowledge, seek the help of a small engine professional.

If you just don’t feel like mowing your lawn yourself after a disastrous lawn mower malfunction let Executive Lawn Care do it for you. Get in touch with us today to put your property on our schedule!


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