Do you watch those Holiday Lights competition shows?  Do you wonder how they get that much stuff onto their lawn?

Holiday decorations are wonderful to admire.  Many people love to go all out for the holidays.  There are ways to go all out with decorations without doing serious damage to your grass, trees, and shrubbery.

Start Focusing Outside of Your Lawn

First of all, instead of placing the main features of your decorations in the middle of your lawn, start with decorating the exterior of your home and front door.  Your porch and front door can make a beautiful focal point for your holiday displays.

 Outdoor flags, doormats and mini Christmas trees all make a front porch holiday-inviting. Luminaries lit with battery operated tea lights along the sidewalk create a magical walkway to follow to your home. Hanging wreaths from windows is a traditional throwback that makes a home feel cozy.

Light Up Your Yard!

If you like your home lit up, stringing lights along the gutters has always been a beautiful tradition. Now, laser light projectors have grown in popularity because they are easier and less of a fire hazard. Also, your trees will look festive with lights and outdoor ornaments hanging from them. Be sure to use lightweight lights on the branches.

Because most of your planting beds will be dormant, this is a great area to stake in lighted candy canes or that light up Santa.

Standard Tips to Prevent Decoration Damage

If you are a holiday lover that wants to share the season with the neighborhood and bring joy to the faces of all the kiddos, then decorating the yard might be a “must” for you.  If so, there are some things you can do to prevent or limit the amount of damage done to your grass. Here are some holiday lawn décor tips to keep your lawn merry during the holiday season.

  • Winterize your yard to mitigate the risk of holiday damage!
  • Speaking of fire hazards, test your lights to be sure they are safe and in proper working order. Look for frays or splits in the wiring.
  • Use lightweight lawn decorations and move them around from time to time.
  • Keep lawn lights and all electronic devices on a timer. It is important to use low-heat lights to avoid any burns on your lawn, or worse, cause a fire.
  • Be sure you are using power cords intended for the outdoors. It is a good idea to wrap the connections with electrical tape when putting them together.
  • Use lawn-friendly decorations when possible. Heavy objects can damage or kill the grass beneath them.

Damaged Your Curb Appeal? Executive Lawn Care can Help!

It is always fun to decorate for the holidays. You may be making your neighborhood merrier for the holiday season, but you don’t want brown spots or bare patches when the celebrating ends.

Sometimes the damage has happened before you can mitigate it and you’ll need to call in a professional lawn expert for help. Executive Lawn Care is a team of lawn care professionals who can help you get your yard back in shape for the spring. Contact us today to schedule our first visit!

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