Grass should be easy to grow. After all, it will grow where you don’t want it. Right? But grass can be a challenge to grow and keep alive for many reasons. Sunlight, too much or too little. Water, too little or too much. Insects, rodents, lack of nutrients, lawn disease, the list goes on.

A common problem for many homeowners is foot traffic. Kids, pets, and neighbors walking across the yard can be hard on the lawn.

Foot Traffic Impacts the Efforts of Your Lawn Care

Backyards are where all the fun happens. Kids playing soccer or playing on the swing set, barbeques with friends and the family dog running around all take their toll on the lawn. Sometimes you will see a home with a beautiful front lawn, but a back lawn that is patchy, dying and brown. At that home, you know where all the action is.

There are several factors that affect the health of our lawn, and how resistant it is to heavy foot traffic. There are things we can do to help our lawn serve our purpose and still stay healthy.

Quick Tips To Deter Lawn Damage

  • Plant a foot traffic-resistant grass that is hardy, one that is recommended for your growing region. A dense lawn is more likely to withstand heavy foot traffic.
  • Reduce soil compaction by aerating regularly, usually once a year will suffice.
  • Be sure the type of grass is appropriate for the amount of sunlight in the yard-shady or sunny.
  • Fertilize regularly. A lack of nutrients in your soil, especially nitrogen, will stunt or even stop the growth of healthy grass. Your lawn needs a good root system to choke out weeds.
  • Lawn mowing length matters. Short grass allows the sun to burn. But, don’t let the grass get too long. This allows disease and insects to grow. Mow your grass to the height recommended for the type of grass you have. For example, Bermuda grass should be kept between ½ and 1 ½” high, while St. Augustine grass can be kept longer.
  • Rotate the zones in your yard. Move the soccer goal around the yard so that one area is not destroyed, while the rest thrives.
  • When starting new grass, create a “keep off a grass” zone to allow the area to establish well.
  • A saturated yard is easily damaged, so when the yard is extremely wet, stay off the grass until it dries up a bit. Walking on tender grass in the mud can crush the grass and damage the roots. A little patience will go a long way.

Keep Your Landscaping Functional with Executive Lawn Care

Some of the best lawns are not ALL grass. Landscaping and creating non-grass alternatives may save your lawn while allowing the fun to continue. Decks or patios for barbecuing and dining areas are perfect for entertaining. Wood or rubber mulch around a playset or for backyard games keeps everyone safe and the yard looking well maintained. Even artificial turf for the soccer zone will keep the kids happy and your yard looking like a park.

There are many ways to keep your yard functional, low maintenance and beautiful. Choose the right grass for your lawn, maintain it as suggested, and have a plan for how your yard is used when landscaping and planting. With the help of Executive Lawn Care, your lawn can still be the envy of the neighborhood when you know how to manage the foot traffic. Contact us today to get your lawn on our schedule!


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