Although many homeowners believe that fertilizing your lawn just means picking up some fertilizer at the store and spreading it on your lawn is helpful, they are sorely mistaken. When you fertilize your lawn, you are preparing for it to thrive in the spring. Fertilizing your lawn should be a well-prepared process; so here are some mistakes that you should avoid the next time you think about enriching your lawn.

1. You Use Too Much Fertilizer

The more the merrier, right? Not so much when you are discussing feeding your lawn and garden. In fact, overfeeding is one of the most common mistakes made during the fertilization process. By simply performing a soil test on your lawn, you could avoid facing complications like:

  • Burning your plant’s roots

  • Plant vulnerability to disease and insects

  • Potential local water contamination in your area

2. Too Little Fertilizer is Also Wrong

This may sound contradicting to our last statement, but being too stingy with your fertilizer is also detrimental to your lawn. Sure, you can’t really cause too much damage to your lawn’s environment as with too much fertilizer; but your lawn won’t have the right materials to thrive.

If you under-fertilize, you may find yourself needing to rely on liquid fertilizer in the near future, which can lead to the burning of your lawn and other environmental hazards due to the chemical makeup of this product.

3. You Haven’t Timed Out Your Fertilization Correctly

One doesn’t just fertilize when they please. Based on the type of fertilizer that your lawn requires to grow, you will have to have the spreading of it timed correctly. Not doing so can lead to wasted efforts and the delay of your plants and lawn actually growing properly.

Also, if you fertilize too early, new unwanted growth can form before the temperature rises high enough for your grass to survive. This is why lawn care professionals discourage homeowners from fertilizing in the months leading up to cooler weather.

4. Failure to Call in a Lawn Care Expert

As you can see, there are several ways for a homeowner to ruin their lawn with a poor fertilization plan. Fertilization is actually a precise equation that lawn care experts can help you solve. By failing to get help with this essential lawn care process, you could create some unwanted hiccups when it comes time to prepare your lawn for spring and summer.

We know that you may not have the time to pay attention to all of the details of your lawn, and that is why we are ready to do it for you. Don’t start your 2019 with a loss, let a lawn care expert help!

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