5 Tips to Keep a Pet-Friendly Lawn

Aug 18, 2018 | Uncategorized

Many homeowners in Texas have four-legged friends that enjoy the backyard during excellent weather. Making sure that your scheduled lawn maintenance creates a pet-friendly lawn is important. Follow these helpful tips to ensure that your lawn is not only enjoyable but also safe for your dog or cat.

1.  Avoid Using Insecticides

Insecticides, herbicides and other chemicals can be extremely deadly for your pets. Not only does your pet run the risk of breathing in these treatments, but the poisons can also be absorbed through the paws and the skin. This exposure can lead to certain cancers in pets and is generally something that all pet owners would do well to avoid. If you are having pest problems, ask your lawn care provider how to handle pests through well-placed repelling plants or other safer methods.

2.  Be Careful of Large Lawn Maintenance Equipment

Large lawn equipment like leaf blowers and lawn mowers that are capable of clearing debris from your yard are also capable of harming your pets. If your pet is around during lawn mowing or leaf blowing, avoid working in their direction. Twigs, rocks, and other harmful particles that you move over have the ability to fly up and injure your pet in the process. Whether you hire a lawn mowing service or perform yard care on your own, keeping your pets inside for the work may be beneficial.

3.  Keep Your Pet-Friendly Lawn Weed-Free

Weeds are not only a pain for your beautiful lawn but they can also be a pain for your dog who likes to snoop around. Many weeds have sharp spines or produce burrs that tend to easily poke and dig into their victims. Keep the pain away from your pets and ensure that you are employing weed control during your planned maintenance schedule.

4.  ‘Paws’ and Think About Landscaping

The desert-looking landscaping may be a hot trend in the Southwest, but your pets may not agree. When you are planning your yard’s landscaping, keeping in mind that your pets don’t have shoes to protect themselves from the heat or texture of the surface they walk on. If you have outdoor pets, try to keep your backyard lush and green through fertilization, rather than filling up your area with slabs and rocks that produce heat in the sun.

5.  Be Wary of Your Mulch

Mulch is a product that most gardeners use to produce excess nutrients for their plants and trees. Even though mulch, in general, should not be eaten by pets, Cocoa mulch is especially deadly to dogs. It contains the same elements of chocolate that make the consumption of candies and baked goods such a harmful accident.

Executive Lawn Care Helps You Make Landscaping Choices That Keep Pets Safe

Making sure that your pets are happy when playing your yard is important. Therefore, understanding the proper precautions for a safe area is necessary. Executive Lawn Care has the experience to help you make the right decisions for your landscaping and maintenance needs. Contact us to find out about our services offered in your area.

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