Lawn care in the spring is the first step to rejuvenating your lawn for a healthy summer. Find out what your residential lawn care service thinks are the biggest do’s and don’ts of the season.

Lawn Care Do’s

1. Keep an Eye On Your Watering

No matter the season, it is always important to know how much and how often you should water your lawn. During spring, we suggest giving your lawn a healthy 2 inches of water once a week. Doing so gives it the opportunity for deep root growth and the ability to absorb all of the moisture that it needs for the rest of the year.

2. Rake Away

If you live in the Dallas metroplex, then you already know that the last fall and winter left a heavy amount of leaves on the ground. Don’t let your leaves keep the sun from giving your lawn life, rake your leaves and get rid of that debris. Help your lawn grow this spring season.

3. Spring Soil Tests are in Season

By contacting your local lawn care service provider, you can get a head start on testing your soil. Your residential lawn mowing professional will be able to let you know what your lawn needs in order to thrive, as far as soil goes.

4. Be Wary of Fertilizing

Fertilization is important to do over the spring, but over-fertilization can be both costly and prevent an excess of growth that has a negative effect on your lawn. By working with a lawn care service provider leading up to the actual fertilization, you should be able to determine a healthy dosage of fertilization that will make your lawn look great and maintain its health throughout the year.

Lawn Care Don’ts

1. Avoid Poisons

Your lawn is a living thing, the last step that you want to take is to apply poisons like strong pre-emergent weed controls that will ruin the seeds that are developing throughout the season. In the spring, nutrients are king, and root-to-leaf health is important. Don’t eliminate your lawn’s nutrients by spreading unnecessary poisons to solve problems that a residential lawn service can fix organically.

2. Don’t Cut Your Lawn Short

While many homeowners think that cutting the lawn short is a good idea during the spring, the truth is, it isn’t. A lawn mowing service could tell you that the taller the lawn, the better the support for deeper roots. Keeping the lawn at a 3-inch height is just the right length to cool the roots as the days begin to warm up.

3. Don’t Start a New Lawn This Season

Spring is the time for weed seeds to embed themselves in the lawn and quickly ruin new grass. Avoid starting a new lawn at this time of the year in order to save money and your lawn’s livelihood.

4. Don’t Use Pest Control Unless Necessary

Unless you know that you have pests on your lawn, don’t try to call out a pest control business or spray your lawn with any pesticides. This type of work is damaging to your lawn and should only occur when given advice by a lawn care service professional.

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