Enjoy the Health Benefits of Your Lawn This Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving weekend is a great time to enjoy your friends and family over your favorite holiday dishes. However, after the table has been cleared, you may be feeling extra stuffed and sluggish. In a society where being sluggish is seen as a negative, you may have the desire to get out and get some physical activity. Now would be a great time to be thankful that you have a healthy lawn that has been serviced by a professional lawn care company throughout the year.

After you overindulge in Thanksgiving food, there are several outdoor activities that you can perform on your freshly mowed lawn. Here are a few of our favorites.

Begin Lawn Decorations for Christmas

After Thanksgiving dinner ends, the push for Christmas begins. Why not get a head start on your neighbors and begin filling your lawn with your favorite Christmas decorations? This is a great activity to get your blood pumping in the cooler weather, but you will want to remember some decorative tips to ensure that your lawn care is not ruined by heavy decorations.

Much like large Halloween decorations, you will want to avoid placing large, heavy blow-up snowmen directly on your lawn. These decorations not only crush your beautiful grass but can prevent it from receiving the nutrients that it needs to thrive throughout the remainder of the season.

Thanksgiving Football Game and More

One of the biggest post or pre-Thanksgiving traditions is a family football game on the front or back lawn. In addition to being an excellent source of exercise and family bonding, it also gives you a chance to properly experience your lawn.

By practicing your athletic skills on your freshly fertilized lawn, and teaching your family about the values of sportsmanship, you are literally reaping health benefits by hanging out on your lawn with your family.

Rake the Leaves

Although the fall season brings gorgeous colors to the Frisco leaves, once they have fallen, they severely cover up your lawn and hold in moisture that could damage your grass. Raking your leaves is not only decent exercise, but is also great for your lawn’s health and general residential yard maintenance.

Allowing leaves to stay on your lawn is a way to promote snow mold diseases once snow begins to fall in the winter. Finally, not raking your leaves can cause turf damage from insects and small creatures that could lurk inside the piles as a nest.

Let Executive Lawn Care Help

If you would like to thoroughly enjoy your lawn this Thanksgiving but have not had the time to properly prepare it, Executive Lawn Care can help you today. We specialize in lawn care services for residential and commercial properties and can mow, fertilize, and maintain your lawn before the cold-fronts begin to roll in. Contact us to find out about our services and scheduling.

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