During the spring and summer seasons, Texas homeowners are trained to understand the importance of lawn maintenance and regularly mowing the front and back lawns of their homes. Regular lawn care in the summer season leads to a healthy lawn that is prepared for the cooler seasons and the water conservation that comes with the cooler weather.

One question that many homeowners have regarding lawn maintenance centers on the final cut of the fall. As the weather begins to cool down, grass grows slowly until eventually stopping once the Texas winter begins to completely set in.

Here are some tips for understanding the proper way to cut your lawn one last time during the end of the fall season.

Know the Basics of Mowing Height

If you are a homeowner that is concerned about the height of your lawn, it is best to consult with your local Frisco lawn maintenance provider. Your lawn mowing service will be able to tell you the different lengths that your lawn needs to be throughout the different seasons.

During the summer, your lawn should be kept at a longer length and mowed at its highest setting. This is due to your lawn needing extra height to retain moisture and keep the soil beneath cool during the hot summer.

As the weather begins to cool down, it becomes less important to be concerned about a longer length and more concerned about maintaining and prepping your lawn for the impending colder weather of winter.

During the fall, your grass will eventually stop growing for the year. Once you find yourself worrying less about when your next lawn mowing appointment is going to be, you know that it is time for you to schedule that final grass cutting before winter.

Why Mow for the Winter?

Mowing for the winter during the fall is a very important step as a Frisco homeowner. If you fail to mow your lawn one final time and your grass is left long, the extra top growth will eventually bend under the snow or rain that occurs during the winter and infect your lawn with some unfortunate winter fungal diseases.

Also, it is helpful to keep a short lawn due to the falling leaves that will take over the surroundings in the fall and winter. You will find it a lot easier to mulch up the fallen leaves once the time comes and the lawn is short.

Executive Lawn Care Cuts the Right Height

Executive Lawn Care is a full-service lawn maintenance provider for residential and commercial properties. If you are concerned with the length of your lawn going into the winter season, give us a call and find out about our affordable rates and guaranteed customer satisfaction. Don’t let your lawn become infected with fungal disease, let the lawn care professionals prevent any winter damage.

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