4 tips for preparing to save your lawn this halloween

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With October just around the corner and several Frisco neighborhoods gearing up for annual Halloween festivities, your lawn is at risk of taking a beating scarier than a Walking Dead costume. With Halloween comes festivals, parties, and Trick-Or-Treating.

Although these events may be fun, if you have not taken the time to prepare for how to handle the season, your lawn can suffer from decoration damage, damage from being used as a walking path. Not planning could lead to some damage repair from your lawn mowing service that could have been avoided by following these simple tips.

Avoid Using the Lawn

Your Frisco lawn mowing company has spent the entire spring and summer seasons ensuring that your lawn and yard remain in top condition. Don’t let all of the hedge trimming and fertilization go to waste by sticking any old decoration into your grass.

Just because you want to keep your lawn in shape, doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your “spirit” of the season. Instead of placing an elaborate set piece on your lawn try these examples.

  • Hang some decorations from a tree
  • Utilize your door for elaborate decorations
  • Set up your Halloween site on your driveway and avoid using the lawn altogether

Make a Plan for Decorations

If you are going to use decorations it is best to make a plan. You don’t want hundreds of little footsteps to ruin your lawn by the end of the fall season. If you have mulch beds, consider placing some of your more invasive decorations there.

Also, in order to avoid people stepping on your lawn, create a trail of decorations that leads people to your doorstep without ruining your manicured grass.

Be Careful with Inflatables

One of the most popular lawn decorations in October is the large inflatable pumpkin or similar trope. Be aware that these large inflatables can cause brown spots in your lawn if you don’t ask your local lawn care service to take some precautions prior to placement. If you must display these types of decorations, inflate them sparingly in order to reduce the risk of ruining your lawn.

Stick with Nature

If you really want to avoid worrying about your lawn and yard in general, try going natural with your decor. Remember, during this season Pumpkins are the most accessible natural decoration you could find. Take the time to carve a few jack-o-lanterns with your family and set them out as your show of festivity.

If All Else Fails, Call Executive Lawn Care

If you know that your fall season is going to be stressful on your landscaping, give Executive Lawn Care a call. As Frisco’s leading lawn care service provider, we know what it will take to make sure that your lawn is looking green by next spring.

Call us today for any lawn mowing needs, fertilizing, or fall maintenance.

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