Summer has come and gone, and now the air is starting to feel a bit cooler as the fall season takes hold of the Frisco area. With a cooler climate and a new season in place the weather is certain to have some impact on your home’s lawn and hedges.

Here are five of Executive Lawn Care’s top tips for maintaining your lawn throughout the fall months. Although the weather may be cooler, there is still lawn care that your lawn maintenance company can perform for you.

Get Ready to Rake

Fall typically lives up to its name and brings down the leaves from trees surrounding your home and lawn. Although these colorful blankets in your yard can be fun to look at and jump through with the kids, they are of no benefit to your lawn.

When a blanket of leaves covers your grass, it prevents your lawn from getting the light and moisture that it needs on a regular basis. Leaving leaves on your lawn throughout the fall and winter will guarantee a dead lawn when spring arrives.

Fertilize, Fertilize, Fertilize!

Grass obviously needs water to get through the colder seasons, but one thing to keep in mind during the fall is that extra nutrients is necessary for your lawn’s survival. This is the time of year where fertilizing your lawn is the best step to keeping it healthy throughout the year. Fertilizer has plant sugars in it that protects the roots of your lawn from freezing and grants your grass the energy to thrive when spring arrives.

Your local lawn maintenance company can help you select the right fertilizer to keep your lawn looking fresh when the sun comes back out. Your lawn service provider will not only be able to direct you to the right fertilizer, but they will also be able to help you determine how much fertilizer is needed for your lawn.

Get Your Weeds Under Control

During the summer months is when weeds like dandelions and other broadleaf weeds tend to take over Frisco lawns. During the fall season is where weeds are silently taking in all of the energy they can get, and sometimes pulling them from the root does not prevent re-growth. This is where your lawn care services come in with weed killers or other proven herbicides.

By allowing lawn maintenance companies to kill off your weeds now, you prevent their return in the spring.

Continue Standard Lawn Mowing

Stay on your scheduled residential lawn maintenance. Your lawn care provider will know how short to mow your lawn in the fall, and will be able to advise you as to how much water needs to be given to your lawn in the cooler seasons.

Your lawn care provider will be able to also help you schedule other fall maintenance routines in order to ensure the health of your grass. This is why continued lawn service is recommended, even when the sun isn’t shining all of the time.

Spread Seed

The fall is a good time to create a dense lawn in order to protect against future weeds. By spreading and over seeding existing grass, you will not only be filling in the bare patches that dried out in the summer, but you are also introducing resilient grasses to your existing lawn.

During fall, the ground is still warm, moisture is still abounding and the nights are cool. This is the perfect formula for seeds to make contact with fall soil.

Executive Lawn Care is Your Fall Resource

You want your lawn to have the best lawn services year-round. If you are concerned about fall maintenance for your lawn, give Executive Lawn Care a call. We offer the best in lawn mowing, fertilizing, hedge trimming and more. Call today to set up scheduled maintenance for this fall season.

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