Top 4 Hedge Care Tips

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During the hot summer season, your lawn care service provider may find themselves extremely busy and spread out amongst its clients. During that time, your grass may begin to grow higher than you’d like, and your hedges may begin to take on a life of their own.

Yes, your lawn service will be able to come back and do the job professionally, but Executive Lawn Care understands that a homeowner always wants their front yard to be at its best. This is why are happy to provide you with some bed and bush tips that will help keep your bushes under control between your scheduled mowing services.

Go Electric

Although your lawn mowing services likely provide hedge trimming and maintenance, invest in your own electric hedge trimmer. There are several trusted brands out there that will last you a good while. You may be able to pay for a lawn service now, but we never know what tomorrow holds. Get yourself an electric hedge trimmer, learn how to use it, and reap the benefits of healthy shrubbery between your scheduled lawn care. You can have a professional, clean look year-round with minimal effort.

Start from the Ground Up

Whether you have manual shears or an electric trimmer, you need to understand that hedge maintenance requires proper technique. One strategy for a healthy hedge is to cut from the bottom, upwards. While doing this, use the lower areas of the shears in order to avoid holes or a patchy looking job. Experts advise using the tip of your trimming tool in larger sections of cutting or on the top of the hedges.

Old-Fashioned Never Goes Out of Style

Sometimes you may just have that extra time and energy to pick up a small pair of clippers and cut your hedges by hand. If trimming by hand and taking care of the messy areas as you go, you run less of a risk of making a mistake. With larger shears or electric trimmers, not knowing what you are doing can be fatal to your shrubbery. You can easily be left with gaping holes or a misshapen plant that will never be the same again. If you are a first-time homeowner, enjoy your lawn services, but still want to learn how to maintain it yourself, clipping your hedges by hand makes for a good start.

Know Your Hedges

As a homeowner, you must understand that not all hedges are the same, nor require the same exact amount of care. Your lawn care service provider will be able to help you understand the general differences between Evergreen and Deciduous hedges, and when they need to be pruned or maintained. There are usually times and seasons where maintenance is best suited for your hedges. Knowing this information will help keep your hedges looking great for years to come.

When In Doubt Call Your Professional Lawn Service Provider

If you are a Frisco homeowner that is unsure of how to maintain their lawn, hedges, or flowerbeds, give Executive Lawn Carecall today. We are experts that have served the community for years, and will be glad to provide lawn mowing services, or any other lawn care needs that you deem necessary.

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