In the Texas heat a lawn mowing routine is the last thing that homeowners want to have on their plate.  You have to go out to your musty garage, pull out your lawnmower, crank it up in the heat, and that isn’t even the worst of it all.  Lawn service is something that requires time and energy that can scare off even the most efficient of gardeners in the Dallas summer.

However, despite the dread of summer lawn mowing, routine maintenance on your lawn is important.  That is why we, at Executive Lawn Care, have come up with top reasons to utilize your local lawn mowing service this summer.

Work with your Lawn Mowing Service Provider

Many Dallas residents not only own their own lawn mower, but also utilize a lawn mowing service like Executive Lawn Care to meet their seasonal lawn care needs.  Many of these services are provided upon a regularly scheduled basis and the owner of the home is charged.  When the summer season approaches, plan ahead for both your wallet and your lawn mowing service.  Depending on the amount of rainfall and the heat of the year’s summer, your lawn mowing needs may not have to be met on such a routine basis.

 Lawn Mowing Promotes Grass Health

While the summer sun beats down on your lawn that you have neglected in order to avoid the heat, your lawn is drying out, and so is the health of your grass.  Before your grass blades run dry and brown, remember that routine lawn service is key to maintaining your lawn’s overall health.  When you cut your lawn, the healthiest blades of grass in your yard thrive and multiply when cut.  Not only does this improve the overall appearance of your lawn, but it promotes overall health of your lawn, even in the summer heat.

 The Summer Dryness is Great for Lawn Service

Yes, we said it, dry conditions are excellent conditions when it comes to lawn mowing.  Mowing your lawn in dry conditions prevents the clumping that is caused after a rainfall, and allows for your work to be quicker and grant you less exposure to the sun.  Another tip we have is that when the weather is dry, mow the lawn during the early morning or sunset hours when there is a reasonable temperature.

Keep the Shavings on the Lawn

In order to keep your lawn healthy all season and surviving the summer, it is advised to raise your lawn mower to its highest setting and leaving the cuttings on the lawn.  The grass clippings left on top of the freshly mowed lawn are a free source of nutrients for your lawn.   Lawn clippings contain nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, among other nutrients.  Not only do these clippings nurture your lawn, but they also provide a source of shade that can prevent your lawn from drying out as the summer wears on.

Utilize a Lawn Mowing Service to Keep Summer Lawns Healthy

Executive Lawn Care is a team of professionals that service residential and commercial Dallas properties that require lawn maintenance.  Our lawn service includes lawn mowing, leaf blowing, lawn fertilization, and more.  Call us today to learn more about how our responsive professionals can provide quality lawn service for you.

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