5 Flowers That Thrive in Texas Heat

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North Texas is no stranger to intense heat during the summer. Trying to find flowers and plants that will grow in this area can be difficult for the average gardening novice. Our lawn care specialists know what kind of vegetation grows well in our dry climate and they advise our clients on which flowers would look best on their property. If you’re looking to add some curb appeal to your residential or commercial property, then here are a few native flowers that you should consider.

Lawn Care Specialists Prefer Cape Plumbago

If you want a flower that looks similar to a hydrangea but loves the Texas heat, this light blue flower is perfect for your garden. Gardeners and landscapers appreciate how easy it is to provide bed maintenance for this flower. These flowers are a great choice if you’d like them to climb a trellis or grow over a wall for decoration.

Grow Dwarf Mexican Petunias in Your Flower Beds

This lovely flower attracts butterflies to your garden and can tolerate both wet and dry soil. Professional landscapers like using this flower in commercial landscaping because it doesn’t require much care and will flower in both full sunlight and light shade. It’s a great choice for an office building or a flower bed that won’t get much attention.

The Texas Native Henry Duelberg Flower

Our lawn care maintenance team loves to work with this vibrant, purple and blue flower. It’s native to Texas and can withstand the severe heat and droughts that Texans deal with throughout the summer months. Hummingbirds and butterflies love this plant and will make your flower beds come to life.

Blue Princess Verbena

If your garden gets plenty of sunlight, this is a great flower for your flower beds. Residential lawn care specialists can plant this flower and then let it bloom. It will continue to produce lavender blooms as long as you prune it every so often. This flower prefers dry soil, which is exactly what we have in most regions of Texas.

Easily Grown Belinda’s Dream Rose

Many of our Frisco area lawn care clients want roses to grow on their property regardless of how difficult it can be. This light pink rose is one of the most easily grown roses and thrives in the hot Texas climate. We recommend it to many of our clients that want to add a little pink to their flower beds.

Executive Lawn Care Plants Vibrant Flower Beds

If you’d like a beautiful flower bed on your commercial or residential property, then we can help you with that. Enjoy watching your flower beds bloom all season long. Get in touch with us today to schedule your appointment.

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