We’ve reached the time of year where the days are getting shorter and colder. This usually means that lawns are looking dead and brown. But there are always a few yards that are still looking healthy and green. How can that be? What are they doing? Here are a few things that someone can do to help maintain their yard during these cold winter months.

1. Fertilize, fertilize, fertilize: Lawns respond best to feedings in the fall. If you only feed your lawn once a year, do it in the fall. As far as the right fertilizer for your yard, we recommend visiting a local nursery supply or we can evaluate your lawn for you.

2. Rake Leaves: Leaves may look harmless, but they actually create a blanket over a yard preventing sunlight, air and water to get to the roots and blades. If leaves start falling, be sure to remove them from the lawn.

3. Consistent Mowing: Mowing lawns up until the first frost will keep our yards healthier and healthier. An important step in this process is to use a mulching mower on the last mow of the season. The mulch will keep as much nitrogen as possible in the soil over the winter and into the spring.

Having a healthy yard is all about being proactive instead of reactive. Consistent maintenance is the key to having a beautiful yard all year long. There is nothing better than when family comes to visit for the holidays and they are greeting with amazing curb appeal and wonderful, green and healthy lawn.

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