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Lawn Watering Tips

For best and healthy results for your lawn in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, please make sure your yard is getting 1″ of water per week using the cycle soak method.

It is best to water Bermuda grass “less frequently – more deeply”. i.e. water 1 X per week (1 day) with three cycles on that 1 day. i.e. 2:00, 4:00 and 6:00 AM on your water or any day. About 8 minutes each cycle. Up to 10-11 minutes as we approach higher temperatures and warmer nights. For a total of at least 20 minutes and working up to 30’ish minutes as the summer heat rolls in. You are trying to get approx. 1” of water per week. You will have to check your own system to see how long your system takes to get 1” of water.

Bermuda grass also likes to dry out between watering, therefore the roots grow deeper looking for the water. Thus healthier grass, thicker, etc.

Your flower beds seasonal colors, have shallow roots and can be watered more frequently. Similar watering as the Bermuda grass for mature shrubbery.

Collin & Denton County Water Tips

In Collin & Denton Counties, we have extreme weather shifts, so the bottom line is you have to watch/monitor and adjust if needed on a regular basis, but keep the sprinklers on always, even during the winter. Hard rains only hit the ground and runoff, so you may still need to water even on days we have had rain.

Only 5-7 minutes a week per station in winter months is needed. Again depending on the type of weather patterns, we have during the winter months.

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