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Lawn Care for a Green and Stress-Free Summer

Green Lawn for the Summer

The summer months are in full swing and it seems to be a never-ending quest to keep your home’s lawn healthy. Calling your local lawn maintenance company is your best bet for an ever-green lawn. However, while you wait, here are some lawn care tips that you can use to get a head start on beating the heat.

1. Avoid Walking On Your Grass

We know its tough to not want to go out and enjoy your lawn, especially if you have kids. However, the sad truth is that the heat and foot traffic simply don’t mix. We recommend placing a stone pathway on your lawn that leads to important areas of your yard like the grill or the shed. Yes, not all of your lawn will bode well with this method but at least you will have consistent wear that can be replenished when the weather decides to cool down.

2. Continue to Mow Your Lawn

The most important tip during the heat for a healthy lawn is to continue mowing. However, you need to keep your blades high. We recommend leaving them at about 3 inches in height. Remember, that your lawn will continue to grow in this weather, so frequent mowing is a must if you want to maintain that polished look you have been aspiring towards.

Remember, mowing your lawn too short in the summer can leave burn streaks that could have easily been avoided if you had followed proper lawn mowing tips.

3. Water in the Morning

Of course, watering is essential to everyday lawn care, but proper watering will help prevent your plants from drying up this summer. You will want to water efficiently, so getting in the habit of watering between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. is recommended. This way, your grass will be able to properly take in the water it needs and not suffer from the instant evaporation that can occur during a mid-day watering.

4. Monitor for Insects and Diseases

Summer is the time of year where insects and lawn diseases become a problem. One of the key indicators of a problem is brown spots on your lawn that won’t go away with regular lawn maintenance. Keep in mind that pesticides can cause further lawn damage, so it is recommended that you find help through your local residential lawn maintenance expert.

5. Research Your Turf for Better Lawn Care

Different grasses have different needs. Some grasses thrive in cooler weather and are simply stressed during the summer months. Regardless of turf type, it can be saved by the summer through proper residential lawn care. It is just on you to do the research and understand the type of lawn that you have and what needs must be met.

Executive Lawn Care Keeps Your Lawn Green So You Don’t Have To

Keeping your lawn healthy during the summer is a job of its own. Knowing when and how to perform necessary functions can be complicated. Let Executive Lawn Care handle the job for you. Contact us today to find out about our lawn care services and more.

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